Google Play Store Rolls Out Safety Section to Users

About a year ago, following Apple’s introduction of Privacy Labels on the App Store, tech giant Google had announced that they would be introducing a new Safety section. The intent behind this move was to improve transparency in how apps collect and process data. The Safety section is meant to provide an overview of the information that can impact privacy and security, such as what data an app collects or shares, whether or not that data is secured, and other additional details. In the upcoming weeks, the tech giant will be rolling out the feature for everyone. Google has given devs until June 20th to submit their data safety section.

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Call Recording Apps on Google Play Store to be Killed on May 11

Tech giant Google had killed the call recording by default feature starting with Android 10. Now, starting on 11th May, Google will be implementing new Google Play Store policies which prevent third party apps from using the Accessibility API in order to record the call audio stream. This move by Google will effectively kill all third party call recording apps on Play Store.

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Google Play Protect to Revoke Permissions from Unused Android Apps

Google Play Protect logo. Text under logo reads "Google Play Protect".
Image Source: Android

Tech giant Google is introducing a change to the way Play Protect works. Now, upon detecting unused apps, Play Protect will be able to automatically remove their permissions. Based on a Statista report, smartphone users do not regularly use all the apps they download0. In fact, of all apps downloaded, people use 25% of them just once and then never again. Since several apps require a large number of permissions upon installation, this could pose a security threat in the long run. The latest Play Protect update by Google addresses this possible security breach. With this update, when apps go unused for a while, Play Protect will be able to remove permissions from them.

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Top 5 Photo Editing Apps on Google Play Store

In the age of selfies and social media, clicking and posting photos has become common practice for most smartphone users. However, the ever evolving and changing camera technologies being introduced to smartphones has resulted in a reality where the same photo can appear in varying permutations of light and shadow based on the features and settings of a camera, necessitating the use of photo editing apps to adjust the brightness, shadows, highlights, contrasts, and other aspects of a photograph. Luckily, the Google Play Store offers a plethora of free photo editing apps for its users. Here is our list of the top five photo editing apps on the Google Play Store.

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Google Play Store Might Get New “Offers” Tab Update

In October, Google had introduced a redesigned Material You update to its Play Store that was fairly uncomplicated in that it was confined to the home screen only. It now appears that Google is adding a new feature – an “Offers” tab – to the Play Store, although at the risk of making the bottom bar too cluttered. The bottom bar of the Play Store stores four tabs for most accounts, which extends to five tabs for those accounts that are subscribed to Play Pass. However, with the addition of the new “Offers” tab, which would slot between “Movies & TV” and “Apps”, five tabs could soon become the standard for all users. Unfortunately, the addition causes the tabs to get truncated quiet badly.

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2 Smart TV Apps Containing Joker Malware Banned from Google Play Store

To uphold its commitment to keep its app store safe, Google regularly removes malicious and dangerous apps from the Google Play Store, scouting them out either themselves or with the help of tips from security companies. Google’s proactiveness in this matter ensures, to a large extent, that its users are protected from online scammers. The most recent example of this is Google’s banning of two new apps from its Play Store, namely ‘Halloween Coloring’ and ‘Smart TV remote’, both of which are smart TV based. It is worth noting here that ‘Smart TV remote’ had already been downloaded a thousand times at the time of its removal. It is thanks to Tatyana Shishkova, a security analyst at Kaspersky’s who had posted the names of the two apps on Twitter, that Google learned of the two malwares lurking about its Play Store. According to Shishkova, the apps are Joker malwares that have been Trojanised.

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Google And Apple Eliminate Parler From App Store

Google eliminated Parler from its Play Store, and Apple undermined a comparable activity after the online media administration was among those used to put together the uproars this week at the Capitol in Washington. Parler Chief Executive John Matze, in the interim, claims that guidelines set for them don’t have any significant bearing on other people. Read More