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How many times have you encountered a situation where you have forgotten the credentials of a particular website and you couldn’t log in? If it has been many times, you are not alone. It happens to all of us.

Due to the vast number of websites in which we register ourselves, each with a unique user name and a password, it becomes extremely hard to remember all of them. Further, a lot of web sites also ask you for your credentials if you need to comment on an article etc. The absence of a single unified login system clearly is to be blamed for this loss. There are password managers who tend to make your work easy but yet people are scared to use them.

Here comes in LastPass. LastPass is an add-on for Firefox and an extension in Chrome. Many times it happens that you have a different browser at home, a different one at office and a another on your phone. If you save a password on one browser, you may forget it while you are on another.

LastPass is completely cross-platform available on Safari, Firefox, Chrome and even on your iPhone. It is a browser built password manager which is highly secure. You need to create a LastPass account which would be a master account. Then as you log into an account, LastPass would prompt if you’d like to save the password or not. You could even generate extremely tough passwords using LastPass and store them in LastPass itself. You could even create secure notes. And on top of all that, it is totally secure. None of the data is passed on to their servers. Instead it is encrypted and stored on your computer . Security is not a concern with LastPass.

It can even remember your credit card details and help you shop better the next time, though we don’t recommend this. It has a virtual keyboard for entering crucial details such as your credit card number and prevents you from malicious key-loggers which may be installed on your system. LastPass stands for Last Password. The LastPass Account Password would be the last password you would have to ever remember after installing¬† LastPass.

The LastPass site is secured and has SSL encryption . LastPass gives you one click log in to a website which protects your account from hackers.Oh! LastPass is completely free which makes it even better. If you want the iPhone app, you need to sign up for the premium version. Many people swear by the program as it works on any browser and any OS and is secure.  Though LastPass is free it even has to offer a premium version. You would be stunned to know the price of the premium version and its features РOnly $1 per month and you could have it on your iPhone, Blackberry, Web-OS or any other device. You would be free of advertisements and be rest assured that your data is safe. There are many other password managers but LastPass seems to dominate them all due to the security and the features which it has to offer.

Download LastPass today and forget all your passwords. If you are a fan of some other password manager which you use all the time, let us know about it in the comments.

Features – 10/10

Performance – 9/10

Website – http://www.lastpass.com

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