Interview: Live Results – English League App – Receive Live Football Updates

If you are football crazy fan and want to stay updated on each of the live match scores and feeds, then Live Results – English League App is best for you. The App covers all the major English football tournaments and will constantly give you live updates for goals, penalties, start of play, half time, full time and much more. We spoke with the developer Raffaele Di Marzo who told us about how the App came into existence, the App’s features and the journey so far. Read More

An Interview With Fetch – Smarter Reimbursements

1200x630bb iconNow there is a one stop solution to your out of pocket expenses. Remember the time, when you spent some money on some office work, and you had to go through all the tedious process for getting a reimbursement. Well that annoying phase is over. Thanks to Fetch. A wonderful and a really helpful App, to reimburse the pending money to your employees or to get reimbursed from your employer. There is no match to this amazing App. Here’s what the creators of Fetch had to say to TheAppleGoogle, when we spoke to them about their wonderful App- Read More

An Interview with PlayPlayFun – Monday Night Monsters Football


We all know how exhausting your average Monday nights can be. After a long day of work, finally people have something fun to come home to. The game that is Monday Night Monsters Football puts player in the shoes of some of the finest monsters a football field has ever seen. We at TheAppleGoogle got an opportunity to speak with the people behind this awesome concept and game. Here is what they had to say- Read More

An Interview With Winnie – Find Great Places For Kids

Winne logoBeing a parent is not an easy thing in today’s world, and finding the best things for your kids is even more difficult. Not only do you have to make sure that their basic needs are met, you also have to keep them from getting bored and hopefully enrich them along the way so they learn something. The App helps you to “find great places for your kids”, be it moms, dads, grandparents, or other people who care for children. TheAppleGoogle had a talk with Sara Mauskopf, who told some amazing stories regarding Winnie. Here’s what she had to say: Read More

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An Interview With Beepi – Buy And Sell Used Cars


Having a business is a great idea. Having a business related to buying and selling of cars is a great but a competitive idea. Especially when you have some big names in the industry. The business we are talking about here is called Beepi and they are absolutely killing the competition out there by making things extremely simple for both buyers and sellers. Here at TheAppleGoogle, we had a talk with Tyler Infelise, who shared some interesting insights with us regarding Beepi. Here’s their story. Read More

An Interview With Ron McInnis From Locolist


‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ has proved to be an effective formula for Gates, Zuckerberg, Jobs and countless others in the world of technology. Considering the fact that their success stories have become a part of the folklore of the IT sector, an astonishing amount of space is occupied by redundance. We bring to you a story that seems to have followed the formula to a T. The success of Locolist in universities in the United States has led to a partnership with, a plan (and its execution) of taking the App to more students in countries across the globe and in general, a pleasant and an optimistic time for the creators. We got to pick the brains of Ron McInnis who is at the helm of it all and we have for you an inspiring and informative interview. Read More

An Interview Kamcord Inc. – Developers Of Kamcord For iOS And Android

Kamcord Logo If you are one of 1 billion of the world’s gamers, Kamcord is the App for you. It enables the users to watch live streams of their favorite games and interact with other gamers. We got in touch with the team at Kamcord Inc. and talked to them about their inspiration, how they got started and more about their awesome App. Read More

An Interview With Developers Of Sling Kong For iOS And Android

Sling Kong LogoThe only thing better than games are games with characters. And Protostar Games has a new one for us – Sling Kong for iOS and Android. We got in touch with the developers who shared with us their process and their motivation, and who were kind enough to sign off with advice for aspiring developers. Read More

An Interview With THIX LAB – Developers of BEAKER For iOS

BEAKER by THIX LABTHIX LAB’s Facebook page says, “We develop the Apps for your childhood dreams.” They certainly have brought out some incredible education Apps in the past and they did not disappoint with their latest creation – BEAKER, with the help of which your device turns into a virtual beaker. “You can hold it, shake it, heat it up, cap it, add in chemicals, pour out, or pour between BEAKERs…” Here is an honest and in-depth interview with the THIX LAB team wherein they shared their experiences and some great advice. Read More