Apple To Stop iCloud Documents And Data Services

May 2022 will see the end of Apple’s iCloud Documents and Data Storage services.  The service was launched first in 2011 with iOS 5. This service syncs all the data from different apps and services by itself so that when you sign into any other device using the same Apple ID you get all your files on that device. iCloud Documents and Data is the same as iCloud Drive.

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Apple App Store Guidelines Saved Users $1.5 Billion

According to Apple, the timely discovery of fraud Apps and doubtful actions by the developers has saved $1.5 billion of the users. This amount could have used for fraud transactions in 2020. Before an App gets into the App Store, it has to go through a very strong review process. Also, any App update has to go through this review process before coming up on the App Store. Apple has shared detailed data on fraud prevention by the App Review Team. This has helped keep more than a million dangerous Apps from entering the App Store. There are more than 1.8 million Apps present in the Apple App Store. The company has shown that the security measures have stopped stolen cards from making transactions, Apps that change their usage after the first review process for App Store listing, account frauds by users and developers as well as fraudulent reviews.

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iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) Impresses Everyone In The Competition In Geekbench

We all know that the new iPad Pro 11 (2021) and 12.9 (2021) which are powered by the M1 chip will be coming out in a few weeks. But, the first Geekbench results have already been obtained. From the results, it can be seen that the new devices have impressed everyone out there. The benchmark was done on the 12.9 variant of iPad Pro which has 16GB RAM.

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Apple, Amazon, And Google Form An Alliance For Smart Home Devices

The three biggest tech giants- Apple, Amazon, and Google have collaborated to promote smart home devices that can work through more than one platform. The three companies had formed the team with Zigbee Alliance back in 2019. It was announced then and was known as the “CHIP” alliance. A report from 9to5Mac has said that the first device passed by the CHIP alliance is ready and said to release in 2021. The alliance has now decided to change its name from “CHIP” to “Matter.” From now, if a product has to receive certification from Matter, then the product needs to be compatible with all three- Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home, Apple’s HomeKit, and Google’s Weave protocols. Products under this alliance include smart bulbs, video doorbells, door locks, and smart speakers, among others.

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Ceramic Shield Glass May Be Present In The Upcoming iPhone 13 Models

Last year, Apple had introduced its own hard, shatterproof glass for iPhone. This was introduced in the form of Ceramic Shield. Now, it looks like they are not going to stop using it anytime soon. Apple has announced that they have put in $45 million for its making. This investment is new; previously, the company had already invested a sum of $450 million for the making of this Ceramic Shield and for supporting its workforce in the US. This sum was taken from Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund. This investment thus implies that the ceramic shield will be coming to the iPhone models this year as well. Although, it isn’t known whether it will be used in other Apple devices or not.

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Apple To Have Its Own 5G Modem In 2023 iPhones

If the rumors around are to be believed then Apple is preparing to leave Qualcomm and launch its own 5G modem chip. And this is slated to happen within two years. As per MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that from 2023, Apple is going to stop using Qualcomm completely and launch their custom 5G modem chip. He said that the 2023 iPhones of Apple will be having the 5G modem design.  As of now, Qualcomm gives the 5G modem that they are present in the latest iPhones i.e. the iPhone 12 series. This doesn’t surprise us as it was long been heard that Apple is working on its own custom 5G modem chip.

Long back there was a dispute between Apple and Qualcomm because of a patent infringement. The case was won by Qualcomm and a billion dollars was won by them out of a court settlement with Apple. Although Qualcomm started friendly relation with Apple again, Apple wasn’t okay with it. Since then, it was being heard that Apple was trying to make its own 5G modem chipset. Before resolving the issues with Qualcomm it was also heard that Apple had asked Intel to make a 5G radio chipset that they could use in their first 5G iPhones.

Intel had almost finished developing the chipset but due to some unknown reason, they did not meet the deadline. After that Apple and Qualcomm reached a middle ground and Apple stopped their deal with Intel.

Previously, a Barclays investor report had also said that Apple would use their own 5G modem design for the first time in their 2023 iPhones. The latest reports have just confirmed this previous news. Kuo has also said that losing Apple as a client would be a huge setback for Qualcomm. It would be difficult for them to continue having big clients in the 5G modem space among Android OEMs. Kuo said, “Qualcomm will be forced to compete for more orders in the low-end market to compensate for Apple’s order loss.”