Google Rolls Out the First Beta of Android 13 for Google TV and Android TV

Tech giant Google has released the first beta of Android 13 for TV. This beta is the first look at the next version of the Android TV platform. With this beta being rolled out, developers and users will be able to have a preview of the new smart TV interface. However, users cannot simply install the latest beta on their existing Android TV or Google TV devices. To test out the Android 13 TV on a physical device, users need access to the ADT-3, an Android TV dongle meant for developers. Users can also access the new software by using the Android Emulator for TV within Android Studio.

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Android 12 QPR3 Beta 3 for Pixel Released by Google

Tech giant Google’s June Feature Drop for Pixel is eagerly awaited by tech enthusiasts across the world. Google has announced Android 12 QPR3 Beta 3 for all eligible Pixel devices. Like the previous Quarterly Platform Release beta, this update will be available for Pixel 4 devices onwards. The update includes May 2022 security patches that were rolled out on Monday via the stable channel. The beta build version number is S3B1.220420.005.

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Hulu Scraps Signup Options from Android and Smart TV Apps

Google Play’s new billing requirements seem to have affected popular streaming service Hulu. New customers are not able to sign up for Hulu on their Android phones or smart TVs. According to a report by 9to5Google, the Hulu app on Android TV-based smart TVs and other Android devices are no longer allowing new users to create an account. This also prevents new users from signing up for a free trial. Users without an existing subscription who wish to sign up for Hulu are required to do so through its website or by using a non-Android device. Users who already have subscriptions can log in to their accounts on the Android app.

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Android 13 Beta 1 Available for Supported Google Pixel Devices Now

Following two Developer Previews that were respectively released in February and March, tech giant Google has made the first Android 13 beta build available for public testing today. The Android 13 beta 1 is considerably easier to install and use than either of the two Developer Preview builds were. Hopefully, all major bugs and issues have been worked out by now. However, it is likely that users of this beta will still experience several issues. The Android 13 Beta 1 is the first of four planned betas before Google launches the final release in late 2022.

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Android 14 to be Named “Upside Down Cake”

Google used to have a long-standing tradition of naming its Android versions after desserts. The tech giant ditched this tradition with the introduction of Android 10. However, internally, it still uses the dessert names corresponding to the Android versions. For instance, in 2021, Google was found internally referring to the upcoming Android 13 version as “Tiramisu”. Now, as suggested by recent Android Gerrit commits, the future Android 14 is going to be called “Upside Down Cake.”

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Future Android Versions to go Easier on Killing Background Apps

text reading "Android", android logo. Future Android Versions to go Easier on Killing Background Apps.

Android smartphones often end up killing apps in the background. It makes for a very inconvenient user experience. This behavior is entirely randomized. A future change in Android, however, has people hopeful that this behavior of killing background apps might, at the very least, slow down. Google may introduce this new change as early as Android 13. although there have not been any confirmations regarding this as of yet.

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Android TV 13 to Reduce Power and Bandwidth Consumption of Smart TVs

Android TV 13

In 2021, tech giant Google released Android TV 12 about a month after Android 12 made its way to Pixel phones. Google usually tends to drop a new version of Android TV within a month or two of releasing the final build of Android on which the OS will be based. The tech giant is yet to announce Android TV 13. However, two of its significant changes have been detailed already. Google will introduce expanded picture-in-picture support and low power standby mode with Android TV 13.

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Google Pixel Update for April Issued by Google

Pictured, six Google Pixel 6 Pro devices lying face down on a surface. Google Pixel Update for April was issued.
Google Pixel 6 Pro

The first Monday of each month sees an Android update from Google, and April was no exception. The tech giant has issued the April update for all the Google Pixel devices that it still supports. This month, possibly for the first time, both the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro devices are receiving a monthly update at the same time as the other devices. This breaks the habit of the newest Google Pixel devices being late in receiving the update.

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Google Play Protect to Revoke Permissions from Unused Android Apps

Google Play Protect logo. Text under logo reads "Google Play Protect".
Image Source: Android

Tech giant Google is introducing a change to the way Play Protect works. Now, upon detecting unused apps, Play Protect will be able to automatically remove their permissions. Based on a Statista report, smartphone users do not regularly use all the apps they download0. In fact, of all apps downloaded, people use 25% of them just once and then never again. Since several apps require a large number of permissions upon installation, this could pose a security threat in the long run. The latest Play Protect update by Google addresses this possible security breach. With this update, when apps go unused for a while, Play Protect will be able to remove permissions from them.

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