Google Reduces Commission For In-App Subscriptions To 15% From January 1

Google has reduced the commission for in-app subscriptions to 15% effective from January 1 due to rising pressure from Indian developers, its largest market in terms of user base. They have asked the company to allow different kinds of payment mechanisms to facilitate the purchases made by customers.

Sameer Samat, the vice president of Product Management for Google Play, wrote in one of his blog posts, “Digital Subscriptions have become one of the fastest growing models for developers but we know that subscription businesses face specific challenges in customer acquisition and retention. We’ve worked with our partners in dating, fitness, education and other sectors to understand the nuances of their business.”

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Top 5 Footwear Apps For Android 2021

Shopping for footwear requires a lot of thought. Since you wear it every day you must choose it in a way that your footwear goes with most of your clothes. And if that doesn’t work you just have to buy specific shoes with each of your dresses, and that is almost next to impossible. Also, different people like different kinds of shoes. Some like sports shoes, some prefer more fashionable shoes with heels, some prefer boots and so on. Also, you might get different shoes for different occasions. At times, it is difficult to find all these different kinds of shoes in one place. Here you bring before you our top 5 picks of footwear apps.

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Know When Nokia Phones Will Get Android 11

The Android One program was selected for Nokia. This was because it was simple, easy to use and its OS updates were fast. Also, the regular security updates release was an important factor. However, that did not happen with the latest update and it did not go well with the users. There are only six Nokia phones that have received the Android 11 update. Many other devices are ready for the update but are waiting.

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The Galaxy S21 Shows Minor Teardown Differences From The S20 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series’ first teardown has now been posted online, with some admittedly slight internal variations from the Galaxy S20 variant of last year. Of course, with the early 2021 upgrade, most of the major differences are external, although there are a variety of small improvements uncovered and revealed on their YouTube channel by teardown and system repair expert PBKreviews. The short video states that, however, there are some major internal additions, such as the top speaker assembly being packed with foam balls. Theoretically, this should make the speaker sound louder and fuller, something that smartphones usually suffer from. Read More

Galaxy S21 Is Slimmer In Packaging As Charger And Earbuds Are Omitted From The Box

It is not unknown that Samsung is removing the charger from the Galaxy S21 box, but a new leak gives us the biggest confirmation till date. As reported by WinFuture, the box the Galaxy S21 ships in is incredibly thin without a charger. or headphones included. accessories to streamline packaging. The advantage? Waste. This packaging ends up wasting far less cardboard and/or plastic, as well as reducing electronic waste. Read More

Samsung Officially Confirms An “Unpacked” Launch Of The Galaxy S21 Line-up

We know a lot about the following set of Samsung’s leading smartphones already, thanks to a large number of leaks-But more in the store. Today, Samsung officially confirmed an “Unpacked” digital event scheduled on January 14 where the company will launch the Galaxy S21 lineup.

Samsung today announced an unpacked launch event for the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Pro buds, and perhaps some other devices. The event is scheduled to be on January 14 in 10 thousand. ET/7 a. PT. Read More

Latest Android App Deals: Star Wars KOTOR, Cultist Simulator, More

You can now avail the best and latest Android app deals. A 50% price drop on Star Wars KOTOR is expected, since Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords gets announced officially for Android as we speak. Cultist Simulator, 9th Dawn III RPG, Gamebook Adventures, Sir Questionnaire, and more are the other deals with recent price drops along with this. Read More