WhatsApp Working On A New Call Button Shortcut

It has been reported that WhatsApp is working on a new feature. This feature will allow making calls easier for users through a shortcut. 

This shortcut feature will provide users with access to their contact list where they can call someone without having to open the app. They will also provide a custom call feature for people who they regularly call.

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DuckDuckGo Launches App Tracking Protection Feature For Android

The public beta testing of DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection, which launched in a limited beta almost a year ago, is now open to all Android devices.

The privacy-focused startup’s free App Tracking Protection for Android feature bans third-party trackers from being utilized within apps even when the apps aren’t actively being used. When activated in DuckDuckGo’s browser, it detects when programs are prepared to send data to a list of third-party tracking companies on DuckDuckGo’s publicly accessible blocklist and obstructs the majority of those requests. Nothing happens on the device, and no information is transferred to DuckDuckGo’s servers.

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LumaFusion Now Available For Play Store And ChromeOS

In October of last year, the creators of LumaFusion, one of the most well-known video editing apps for iOS, revealed their intentions to release it for Android and ChromeOS. The LumaTouch team announced that the app would eventually be available on the Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store following the first Galaxy Unpacked event of the year. The team did not, however, give a precise release date. You’ll be happy to know that the app is finally available for download if you’ve been looking forward to using it on your Android or ChromeOS device.

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Amazon Photos Android App Redesigned

Amazon Photos app for Android has finally been redesigned today after a year that iOS got the favoring treatment.

Anyhow, each time you use the new app, you can foresee being greeted by a much more contemporary appearance. Photos take center stage, and a control panel with quick access to search and filters is located at the bottom. You can search for people as well as objects and locations. You can access curated features like daily memories from here as well.

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App Review – Auto Bullet: Nexus Experiment

Auto Bullet icon

Bit Dreams Studio‘s latest creation, the Auto Bullet app, is a powerful 2-D shooter game that is now available on the Google Play Store for Android users. The storyline follows the hero’s journey after alien technology falls into the hands of AFC, a powerful corporation that has world domination as its goal. The futuristic weaponry lets the AFC yield an army of slave super soldiers. However, one lone cyborg manages to regain his autonomy. Driven by his anguish, the hero is on a desperate mission to save his family, no matter the cost. Auto Bullet: Nexus Experiment, is an engaging shooter game that incorporates captivating visuals and graphics with riveting storytelling to make for an engaging and intriguing gaming experience.

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Joker Malware Containing App Downloaded Half Million Times from Google Play Store

Mobile security research firm Pradeo has discovered the infamous Joker malware in an Android app named Color Message. This highly dangerous app has over 500,000 downloads. As for the Joker malware, it is assumed that it has been active for at least two years. Pradeo reports that the Joker malware is categorized as a Fleeceware. The main activity of this malware is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS in order to subscribe to unwanted premium paid services without the knowledge of the user.

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Bank Credentials Stealing Apps Were Reportedly Downloaded 300,000 Times on Google Play Store

According to reports published by ThreatFabric, android apps on Google Play Store which stole banking details had more than 300,000 downloads by unsuspecting users. These seemingly harmless apps masqueraded as QR scanners, cryptocurrency wallets, and PDF scanners, and maliciously stole sensitive financial data. User details like passwords, two-factor authentication codes, users’ logged keystrokes, and much more ended up getting stolen by these apps which mainly fall under four families of malware, namely Anatsa, Alien, Hydra, and Ermac. Google has been trying to combat this issue with their introduction of a number of restrictions which are aimed at curbing the distribution of such apps. This, in turn, has prompted the development of ingenious methods of bypassing Google Play Store security restrictions by the minds behind these malwares.

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Top 5 Footwear Apps For Android 2021

Shopping for footwear requires a lot of thought. Since you wear it every day you must choose it in a way that your footwear goes with most of your clothes. And if that doesn’t work you just have to buy specific shoes with each of your dresses, and that is almost next to impossible. Also, different people like different kinds of shoes. Some like sports shoes, some prefer more fashionable shoes with heels, some prefer boots and so on. Also, you might get different shoes for different occasions. At times, it is difficult to find all these different kinds of shoes in one place. Here you bring before you our top 5 picks of footwear apps.

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