Fortnite Gets Kicked Off Of Apple Store And Google Play Store

After Epic Games snuck in an update to get around the App stores’ fees, the Apple App Store removed Fortnite from the platform. Google soon followed its footsteps.

Epic Games introduced an update to directly pay Epic for in-app purchases instead of using the officially sanctioned versions for both the iPhone and Android versions. As a reaction to this brutal decision, Apple decided to kick off Fortnite and sue Epic, to which Epic reacted by making a parody of Apple’s 1984 commercial in the game itself. Read More

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Supplier Denies Problem With iPhone 12 Camera Lenses Reported By Kuo

During testing of iPhone 12 camera lenses from one of Apple’s suppliers, a quality problem emerged, reported Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst.

A high-temperature, high-humidity test was being performed to ensure that the camera could be used with ease in tropical climates as well during which the problem was observed.  Read More

Only Showing A Page’s Domain Might Protect Users Better, Google Chrome Will Soon Test

Chrome v86 will only show the domain in the address bar in hopes of solving the problem of URLs being manipulated to look like a legitimate website.

Since URLs are the chief way of determining the authenticity of a site, people are easily fooled into perceiving a domain as authentic by including the legitimate domain as part of a very long address that just gets brushed over.  Read More