Some Android Phones Can Now Be Used As A WebCam

Google is developing a feature that enables users to use their Android smartphones as a webcam. With the rise in popularity of video conferencing during the lockdown period, there was a need for webcams. Still, not all users had access to one or had low-quality webcams on their laptops. To address this issue, Google is working on a solution that doesn’t require purchasing a separate webcam.

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WhatsApp Working On A New Call Button Shortcut

It has been reported that WhatsApp is working on a new feature. This feature will allow making calls easier for users through a shortcut. 

This shortcut feature will provide users with access to their contact list where they can call someone without having to open the app. They will also provide a custom call feature for people who they regularly call.

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Can Users Expect Periscope Cameras in iPhone 15

Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo shared on Twitter that iPhone 16 may be the only iPhone to have periscope cameras.

His tweet stated that only the Pro models may get the periscope camera. He adds that the demand for the camera is low right now. Earlier, it was rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro Ultra would be equipped with the cameras however, experts say that the camera will be adopted with models which may launch in 2023-2024.

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Folding iPad To Launch In 2024

Ever since the Galaxy Z fold has launched there have been several rumors of when Apple will be launching its folding iPhones. However, instead of a foldable iPhone, users can expect to see the launch of a folding iPad in 2024.

An Apple Analyst says that he is certain of this launch to take place in 2024. Apple may be late with its foldable device technology but this is because they always find a way to make it better than its competitors. 

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