Link Claiming To Change WhatsApp To Pink Color Is A Virus

A new virus strain has been found which tricks the users by sending itself in the form of a link that claims to turn WhatsApp pink in color. Cyber experts have warned the users to not click on this link.

The link claims to be an official update from WhatsApp and if the users click on it then their phone will be hacked and they might lose entry to their WhatsApp, cybersecurity officials have said.

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Top 5 Roommate Finding Apps

Having to rent a room, but worried about your roommate? You go through several ads on the internet but still can decide where to trust and if someone you found is trustworthy or not. With these Apps, not only can you find a roommate, but also find a place where you can rent a room.

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Know When Nokia Phones Will Get Android 11

The Android One program was selected for Nokia. This was because it was simple, easy to use and its OS updates were fast. Also, the regular security updates release was an important factor. However, that did not happen with the latest update and it did not go well with the users. There are only six Nokia phones that have received the Android 11 update. Many other devices are ready for the update but are waiting.

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Apple Pencil 3 And AirPods 3 To Release Soon

There are a lot of speculations going around after Weibo, the Chinese social media portal said that Apple’s AirPods 3 and Apple Pencil 3 will be releasing soon. As said earlier, Apple will be having their Spring Loaded event on April 20, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is going to be released there. Now, we can imagine the new Apple Pencil to now release at the same event.

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Another Scam App In The Apple App Store

Before making its way into the Apple App Store, an App has to clear a very tough screening process. This screening protest is known to detect fake Apps or harmful Apps. However, as we have known before and as we see now there are still malicious Apps entering the Apple’s App Store. The App that has recently done this had camouflaged itself as a kid’s game on the store.

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Google Assistant Can Now Track Lost iPhones

Google has been adding some new features to its digital assistant recently. The latest feature is that Apple users can now be able to track their lost iPhones using the Google assistant.

This feature was available for android users for a long time. Users could easily set off a sound if they lost their phones. According to a report from MacRumors, something similar to Apple’s own Find My system is coming to the iPhone.

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