The Camera Module Of Google Pixel 6 Pro Might Not Be User Replaceable

There have been a lot of reports about the Pixel 6 Pro and it might look like we know almost everything that is to know about the upcoming phone. We have come across renders, spec sheets, even teardowns, camera samples, and pricing for some markets. However, some new reports have surfaced that claim that it might be very difficult to get the Pixel 6 Pro fixed if it shows a problem especially the camera module.

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Google Improves Its App To Give iPhone Users A ‘Better Experience’

Google has never mistreated or given inferior treatment to iPhone users for its apps and services. In fact, apps and services are given first to iPhone users and then to Android users. Now Google is working to make the experience on iPhone even better. According to reports of 9to5Mac, the staff engineering lead for Google Design on Apple platforms, Jeff Verkoeyen, spoke about this in a long Twitter thread. He said, “as we continued on the pursuit of cross-platform pixel parity, our iOS components were slowly drifting further and further from Apple platform fundamentals because those fundaments were also evolving year over year.”

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Google Launches ‘Quick Phrases’ Where You Can Talk To The Google Assistant Without Saying “Hey Google”

The latest development from Google is that Google Assistant might even be activated without you saying “Hey Google”. According to XDA Developers, a ‘Quick Phrases’ feature is available to a Pixel 3 XL which was running the Android 12 beta. It isn’t sure if the Android 12 is a requirement for quick phrases. The Google app version used was

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