Google Launches Its Apple AirDrop-Like File Sharing Feature For Android Phones Called ‘Nearby Share’

Google has launched a ‘Nearby Share’ feature, an Apple AirDrop alternative for Android smartphones, which enables users to share pictures, files, links, and more to other nearby Android smartphones. It operates pretty much similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature for the iPhone.It is rolling out to devices running Android 6.0 and higher. This feature is accessible to some of the Pixel and Samsung devices but the company is working on rolling it out for a more extended audience. Read More

Greg Joswiak Supersedes Schiller And Will Be Liable For Apple’s Product Management And Product Marketing

Apple declared that its long-serving leading marketing officer, Phil Schiller, would step down and be superseded by Greg Joswiak, a pre-eminent product marketing leader at the company. He will join the executive team as senior vice president of worldwide marketing.
Schiller has committed his last 30 years to Apple’s products and marketing. He also supervised the attempt to design and execute Apple’s recent and first-ever virtual Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC).

“I first started at Apple when I was 27, this year I turned 60 and it is time for some planned changes in my life. I’ll keep working here as long as they will have me, I bleed six colors, but I also want to make some time in the years ahead for my family, friends, and a few personal projects I care deeply about,” Schiller responded. Read More

Apple Has No Plans To Acquire TikTok

Apple clearly stated that it is uninterested in acquiring TikTok and it certainly has no plans to pursue such a deal in the future. Despite a new Axios report which implied that Apple has shown “serious interest” in acquiring the short-form video sharing service.

President Trump has warned to ban TikTok in the United States over concerns related to national security. However, a report last week indicated that Microsoft was in active negotiations. Axios also told there was a sizeable private equity interest in the investment and Microsoft would be open to minority investors as part of the venture. There has also been heated speculation about other prospective buyers for the app. Read More

WhatsApp’s New ‘Search The Web’ Feature Will Enable Users To Verify The Authenticity Of The Forwarded Message

WhatsApp has appended a new feature to assist users to debunk viral or frequently forwarded messages to prevent the spread of fake and misleading news on its platform. In the more primal version of WhatsApp, there was a limit on the number of times a single forwarded message could be shared at one go. The arrows above a message let people know when the message was received and whether or not was it written by close contact. Read More

EU Begins An In-Depth Investigation Into Google’s Plan To Buy Fitness Tracking Device Maker Fitbit

The European Commission is opening an in-depth investigation into Google’s acquisition of Fitbit. EU Union regulators are concerned that the deal will entrench Google’s position as a market leader in online advertising by providing the search giant entrance to data assembled from Fitbit’s health tracking hardware that can be utilized for personalized advertisements.

“The data collected via wrist-worn wearable devices appears to be an important advantage in the online advertising markets. By increasing the data advantage of Google in the personalization of the ads it serves via its search engine and displays on other internet pages, it would be more difficult for rivals to match Google’s online advertising services,” the European commission quoted in a press release. Read More

Xiaomi’s Forthcoming Mi TWS Earbuds Expected To Have ANC

Nearly all smartphone and tech companies have started producing their own branded earbud accessories. Xiaomi follows the same trend and its series of Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds are an actively growing range of accessories. Although, none of the earlier launched MI TWS earbuds had any form of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology installed. According to the new Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) certification, this is about to change. Xiaomi is preparing to inject Active Noise Cancellation technology to its Mi Range of Truly Wireless Stereo earbuds. Moreover, the products are named as Mi Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earphones. Read More

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Google Pay Declares Digital-First Bank Accounts In Partnership With 8 Banks

Eight banks in the US, including BBVA and BMO, have declared their partnership with Google to extend digital-first bank accounts directly in the Google Pay app.
“The financial side of these accounts will be managed by the partner banks and Google will provide the front-end, intuitive user experiences and financial insights,” BBVA explained.

According to another partner bank BMO, “The Google Pay app will offer built-in budgeting tools and ‘financial insights’ exclusive to Google’s digital bank accounts. Unfortunately, we still have a bit of waiting to do, as these accounts and their exclusive Google Pay features don’t launch until sometime next year.” Read More

Apple Acquires Mobeewave For $100M To Facilitate Contactless Payments

Apple has acquired Canadian SoftPOS company Mobeewave, which will enable it to create mobile payment hubs out of iPhones.Montreal-based Mobeewave permits users to receive contactless payments with just their phones without any external hardware. The firm has agreements with the National Bank of Canada, Australia’s Commonwealth Bank and Polskie Platnosci. Read More

‘Front Runners’ App Review- Join The Race For The Presidency

‘Front Runners’ presents an opportunity to put your skills and expertise in a bid for the Presidency. It is indeed a challenge and a novel variance to the simulation library providing an unending runner style game, comparable to Subway Surfers or Temple Run. Here, you can pick your favorite political candidate for collecting votes and run while dodging scandals, angry mobs or even Coronavirus.

Content And Features
You can create your own candidate where there are no rules to adhere to. You may also choose to run as a real-life candidate from current or past elections if you have an in-depth understanding of the character and want to play it fairly by obeying the rules of running a good campaign. During the game, you must move all over the map by selecting the States and decide what steps you need to take there.
Though this app is available for both iOS and Android users, some devices may not match the minimum specifications required for the game to operate correctly. Incompatible devices will not allow the user to install the app and hence the user needs to check the appropriate app store for the application’s minimum requirements. Read More

Google Adds “Touch-To-Fill” Feature On Chrome To Make Auto-Filling Passwords More Convenient

Google announced a fresh update in the Chrome browser that will allow users to automatically enter saved passwords and credit card details into forms more comfortably and securely. The browser will now utilize biometric authentication technology to autofill credit card details without having to ask for the three-digit CVC each time. However, it will still ask you to provide CVC for the first time a card is used. Read More