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Colorful UI And New Settings Brought To Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been getting updates back to back for the past few months. The latest news to be heard is that Google Assistant will be getting a new settings menu which will be called ‘Your Apps’. This new setting will let the user choose from two options which allow the user to customize how Google Assistant communicates with every app. The ‘Your Apps’ option will be available in the settings list. Along with this, as per reports, Google will also be launching a new and colorful UI. The color is likely to change itself based on the kind of mode the user has kept the phone in-for example light mode or dark mode.

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Google To Work With Elon Musk On SpaceX

SpaceX, the space exploration company of Elon Musk has been functioning for a while now so that they can provide us with internet connectivity that comes through satellites. The trial of this project has already started in some parts of the world. Now, Google is also a part of it. Google has now announced that it will be supplying computing and networking resources to SpaceX.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Available For Pre-Register On Google Play Store

We all remember the game PUBG Mobile that was taken down from the Google Play Store because of privacy issues last year. In the first week of May, ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ had announced its launch in India. Now, Krafton has announced that the game will be available for pre-registration on Google Play Store.

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Apple, Amazon, And Google Form An Alliance For Smart Home Devices

The three biggest tech giants- Apple, Amazon, and Google have collaborated to promote smart home devices that can work through more than one platform. The three companies had formed the team with Zigbee Alliance back in 2019. It was announced then and was known as the “CHIP” alliance. A report from 9to5Mac has said that the first device passed by the CHIP alliance is ready and said to release in 2021. The alliance has now decided to change its name from “CHIP” to “Matter.” From now, if a product has to receive certification from Matter, then the product needs to be compatible with all three- Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home, Apple’s HomeKit, and Google’s Weave protocols. Products under this alliance include smart bulbs, video doorbells, door locks, and smart speakers, among others.

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Google Brings New Way To Call Its Virtual Assistant

Google already has a lot of ways by which you can call its virtual assistant. One of the ways is to simply say “OK Google”. Also, if you press the home button for a long time the virtual assistant will be awakened. Other ways include swiping in from the bottom corners of the home screen, in the case of some Pixel phones if you squeeze the sides of the phone, you can call the assistant.

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Google Launches New Keyboard For Its Smartwatches

As per headlines, Google has finally launched its Gboard for its WearOS and they have promised that this one will be better than the already existing one.

WearOS has always been the most neglected part of Google’s software part. Neither does it get new developments, nor new features. As per Mashable, the WearOS is so neglected that it feels like it’s just there for Google to mention it in their slides when the topic comes to wearables.

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