WhatsApp Introduces Support For Missed Calls In Do Not Disturb Mode

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is one of the most widely used instant messaging services. In order to enhance the app’s user experience, the company has added new features over time. According to recent reports, WhatsApp is now introducing support for missed calls Do-Not-Disturb mode. The feature is being rolled out to some beta testers via the WhatsApp beta available within the Play Store, claims a report by WaBetaInfo.

A screenshot of how the feature will appear is also included in the report. The report also says that the caller won’t know that you missed the call because the do not disturb mode is enabled on your phone as it says, that users will see a new label “Silenced by Do Not Disturb” in the calls list once it is implemented.

A variety of new features are being developed by WhatsApp. The ability to generate rich link previews for links shared via Status, the ability to open the chat with your own phone number directly from your contacts list, and other features are included. Large group chats can also be automatically muted.

The messaging app recently made community features available to all of its users. WhatsApp communities bring together a variety of groups to effectively organize and manage their conversations. The community‚Äôs feature is a significant update to WhatsApp’s group communication capabilities, claims the company. In order to organize group conversations on WhatsApp, communities like neighborhoods, parents at school, and workplaces can now link various groups together under a single banner.

According to WhatsApp, group admins will be in charge of setting up and overseeing communities. Additionally, administrators will have the option of creating new groups or joining pre-existing groups to determine which groups belong in their community. On the other hand, users will have control over how they interact with the communities. Users will also be able to leave communities they no longer want to be a part of and report abuse, according to WhatsApp.