iPad Repair: 7 Things To Consider Before Replacing A Broken Screen

iPad screens are susceptible to damage even though they’re designed to last for several years.
Incidents often occur, and you may sooner or later have a broken screen. The good thing is that the screen is one of the easiest parts of an iPad to replace. It doesn’t require a lengthy diagnosis because it’s a physical issue. All you need to do is to create time out of your busy schedule, take it to a repair center, and they’ll fix it for you.

However, before promptly doing this, there are certain factors you have to consider to ensure you choose the best action and options as you go about this problem. To guide you, here are seven things you should consider before replacing a broken iPad screen:

1. The extent of the damage

You also have to consider the extent of the damage before you decide on replacing your screen. Some iPad screens have minimal cracks that you can fix temporarily by placing a screen guard. However, this trick only works for minor cracks. You’ll have to consider screen replacement if the damage is extensive.

2. The Reputation of the Repair Center

One of the most important considerations is the reputation and services offered by the repair company you’re about to select. Consider taking your iPad to an Apple Store if possible. They’re known to provide top-notch services and screens of good quality. If you can’t afford to have your screen replaced by Apple, consider searching for a reputable third-party repair company.

Do your research and visit the best site offering iPad repairs to ensure you get the best services. Be sure to check what other clients say about the quality of their screens and customer service. This way, you’ll ensure you’re getting a high-quality screen replacement service from reputable repair centers.

3. Experience and Expertise of the Technician

If you decide to go to a third-party repair service, you need to have a background check of the technician’s experience and expertise before handing over your iPad for a screen replacement. There are different models of the iPad out there, and each has a different repair approach. That said, you can ask the technician about their experience in handling iPad models like yours and see what they have to say. An expert technician will share basic information about the gadget and explain their experience with replacing iPad screens.

Alternatively, you can look for reviews online if the repair shop has an online website. Once satisfied with the reviews, you can proceed to take your iPad for repair.

4. Quality of the replacement screen

The iPads have two screen-size variants. These devices are known for their quality and durability. As a result, manufacturers tend to make iPad screens based on these features and distribute them to the market. The licensed Apple product manufacturers make available genuine parts. However, there are many counterfeits, especially iPad replacement screens.

The good thing is you can distinguish them based on their cost and quality. Make sure to find out from the technician because they have an eye for distinguishing between a genuine iPad screen and a fake one. Ask them about the cost of iPad screen replacement with an authentic screen part; consider insisting on getting an authentic one no matter the cost. A genuine iPad screen replacement will give you the desired brand-new touch and last longer.

5. The service charge

Before you consider replacing your iPad screen, you should ask for a quote for the service. Once you get the exact quote, you can gauge if the cost falls within your budget. Third-party repair shops can be expensive because of the dedication and licenses they pay to run their shops. However, their services tend to be stellar and will replace your screen within a short period. Moreover, you can bank on Apple’s announcement to allow customers to fix their products without voiding the warranty.

6. Turn-around time

You have found the right technician and set aside some cash for your iPad screen repair. Now it’s time to ask how long the repair service will take. You’ll typically require your iPad broken screen to be fixed within hours so you can resume your work as quickly as possible without undue delays.

Once you’ve chosen the right repair center, you must ask them how long it’ll take them to get the job done. If the replacement parts are ready, experienced technicians will take just a few hours to fix your iPad screen. However, note that the waiting duration may depend on other factors, such as the number of clients waiting to be served before your time.

7. Warranty period

Before replacing your broken iPad screen, consider the warranty period offered by the repair company. Trustworthy technicians will include a warranty period on your new iPad screen. The warranty helps them to solidify their legitimacy as trusted service dealers.

A good technician working with genuine parts will offer a warranty on your iPad screen for about six months. The warranty period will help you test the functionality of the new iPad >screen. You can take it back to check for functional issues such as touch insensitivity.


Making the final decision to replace your iPad screen can be complicated. However, before you proceed, you must make crucial considerations, as outlined above. For guaranteed results, work with a trustworthy iPad repair technician. They’ll advise you on the best way forward with your iPad’s broken screen and answer all your questions.