App Review: Marketing Miner – SEO Tool

Marketing Miner is a data-driven SEO tool that makes SEO analysis easy for marketers. It offers over forty diverse features that address a wide range of needs that marketers may have. Some of these include features like keyword research, SEO audit, competitor analysis, rank tracking, API, brand monitoring, link prospecting, bulk index checker, keyword suggestions, real-time SEO auditing, and product price tracking, to name a few. Interested marketers can try out Marketing Miner at no cost, free from the hassle of needing a credit card to sign up.

Keyword research in Marketing Miner

When it comes to keyword research, Marketing Miner is a very convenient tool to use. With just a click of a button, users can access valuable keyword data along with information on the various things that people are searching for. Marketing Miner boasts of over twelve different tools that its users can access to analyze keyword data in bulk, thereby saving copious amounts of time, energy, and effort.

The keyword research tools help with managing search volume. It provides keyword suggestions and trending keywords to its users, making them aware of the keyword difficulty. It can also be used for fast and easy bulk data analysis.

Perform detailed SEO audit

Marketing Miner offers its users various tools for a quick SEO audit. Now using this tool, marketers can perform detailed SEO analysis of any website. Marketing Miner reliably checks the search visibility of the website. It also helps identify various technical SEO issues like 404 errors, indexing issues, duplicate content, and missing meta descriptions, to name a few.

SEO audit features include addressing issues with keyword cannibalization, checking the broken link, indexing issues, checking search visibility, and more.

Track your rankings in MM

Moreover, this tool also offers rank tracking features. Users of Marketing Miner can monitor the rankings of their websites over time. The tool allows users to also keep tabs on up to five different competitors. This helps marketers make comparative assessments of how their site performs in search results. Using Marketing Miner, users can discover which pages and keywords can direct the most traffic to their site and what SERP features appear for them.

The rank tracking features of Marketing Miner allow users to search visibility and monitor their competitors, while also providing local pack and API data.

Competitor analysis

Additionally, marketers can conduct competitor analysis using Marketing Miner. Users of this marketing tool can access vital competitor insights with very little effort. Users can even view the keywords that they rank for. Besides monitoring keywords in organic as well as paid search results, Marketing Miner also monitors nine distinct SERP features. Competitor analysis features offered by Marketing Miner include search visibility data, content gap analysis, details on top pages and keywords, competing pages and domains, and more.

Brand monitoring (Google Alerts alternative)

Marketing Miner offers several brand monitoring features. With this tool, users can monitor brand mentions along with that of their competitors, as well as receive industry updates. Users can remain notified of every mention and turn them into links in order to build new partnerships using this tool. Marketing Miner offers several tools for brand monitoring and competitor monitoring.

It also provides email notifications and API.

Free link building tools

Indispensable link-building tools are provided with Marketing Miner. With it, marketers can come across new link-building opportunities that strengthen their backlink profile and obtain contact details where possible. With this tool, users can keep updated on all changes as they happen. Upon removal of backlinks, users get notified immediately so that if needed, they can contact site owners as soon as possible.

It offers various link-building features like link prospecting, backlink monitoring, contact finder tools, and data on related pages and domains, to name a few.

Powerful REST API for SEO tasks

The REST API of Marketing Miner can provide users with programmatic access to data from Marketing Miner data in their own tools. Data regarding keyword suggestions, search volume, website traffic, and more can be extracted from over ten endpoints. The versatile and powerful API can be used for managing keyword search volume, keyword suggestions, traffic analysis, rank tracking, and so on.

Bulk Data Processing

Marketing Miner offers over 40 tools for bulk data analysis. Pulling data for multiple keywords or URLs is fast and easy using Marketing Miner, as their cloud-based tools can scan up to 100,000 keywords, domains, or URLs at once. All marketers need to do is copy and paste their list, and in return, they receive a detailed report with all the SEO metrics that may be required.


Marketing Miner is excellent for analyzing data in a bulk. Analyzing data with up to 100,000 keywords, domains or URLs is fast, convenient, and hassle-free with the 40+ tools provided by Marketing Miner.

Marketing Miner’s REST API lets users extract data from the SEO tool without requiring them to manually log into the tool. Marketers can thus analyze only relevant data without having to sift through the unnecessary chaos of irrelevant data. The REST API is user-friendly and can be used for different needs.

Marketers who want a reliable SEO tool in an affordable price range can try out Marketing Miner. With an easy, user-friendly interface and a reasonable price, Marketing Miner provides its users access to high-quality data. Marketers can optimize their strategies to rank well without having to worry about expensive SEO tools.