Google Search and Google News Updates to Help Users Avoid Fake News

Google Search Engine open on Google Chrome on a Laptop.
Image Source: Google

Google has been active in its efforts to curb the influence of fake news. It has been almost a year since the company took significant steps to limit fake news from spreading. Google had introduced a feature that warned users when they came across unreliable search results. The tech giant has now added information literacy tips to its roster of ways to curtail fake news. However, as of now, this feature only works in the U.S.

The search giant’s latest update marks another notable step taken towards stopping the spread of fake news. The update to Google News and Google Search will aid users to avoid the spread of misinformation. According to a report by Engadget, Google is attempting to help users get educated on how to fact-check their information. This is especially applicable in instances where the algorithm can already recognize the search topic as widely discussed and evolving. It displays several suggestions that help users verify the source of information that they read. Some of these suggestions, for example, include searching for the author’s name. This is to help users determine for themselves if or not they are a legitimate source of information.

Additionally, the News app by Google will also label Top Stories. This is an attempt to promote news sources that are cited by other publications often. It also does so if the article in concern is an official press release, an interview, investigative articles, original content, or something of a similar nature.

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