Top 5 App Store Optimization (ASO) Agencies

The two primary means through which the general populace comes to learn of new mobile apps is either through advertises, or through the inbuilt search feature in app stores. The ideal way to have a high percentage of organic app installs – apps installed through the inbuilt app store search feature – is to have good ASO, or App Store Optimization. In simple terms, ASO is basically like SEO, but for app stores. It optimises a mobile app’s marketing features like title, icon, keywords, description, screenshots, video, etc, to propel it to a higher position in app stores. For app developers, good ASO is crucial to the success and popularity of their apps. Listed below are the top 5 App Store Optimization (ASO) Agencies to help boost your app download numbers.

1.) ASOWin

As one of the top App Store Optimization companies in the world, ASOWin promises to “Get your App to the top charts”. It has over 10 years of experience in the app store market, working with developers to drive their apps to the top of the charts. Over the course of the 10 years, ASOWin has built a large global community of over 10 million people. The agency offers powerful and effective ASO techniques, guarantees increased search downloads, and assures top rankings in charts by implementing unique and efficient ASO strategies, which gives you app the potential to be featured in App Stores as well. With ASOWin, your app is sure to rank higher and attract more engagement, thus generating higher revenue with its growth. The agency also audits keywords and analyses their importance, picking out the ones being targeted by competitors to attract traffic. Some of the notable brands associated with ASOWin are Kolibri,, Arise, iTranslate, Meister, WhatWapp, and MixVibes.

2.) AppTweak

AppTweak is one of the easiest yet most effective tools to grow your app’s business. It is used by over 1,700 mobile leaders globally, including notable brands such as UNZO, Khan Academy, PayPal, Games24Seven, EA Sports, OK Credit, etc. The agency provides actionable insights in a simple and easy interface to fuel the growth of the world’s top apps and games. The products and services offered by AppTweak include ASO Intelligence, Ad Intelligence, App Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Free ASO Tools, API, etc. AppTweak also helps you increase the visibility of your app and generate organic downloads by finding new keyword opportunities, monitoring the movement of your keywords, and researching your competitors.

3.) Gummicube

Founded in 2009, Gummicube provides for all your App Store Optimization needs, from increasing rankings to generating more downloads and increasing conversion. The agency has been working in Mobile Marketing and App Store Optimization for over 11 years now, and has helped numerous apps reach the Top 10 lists. Its team of experienced professionals are trained in various fields such as App Store Optimization, Mobile User Acquisition, Mobile Creative Development, Conversion Rate Optimization, App Launch Strategies, Data Analytics, Paid Search, etc. Gummicube has worked with some of the largest global brands, such as LinkedIn, NBC Universal, Microsoft, GrubHub, McAfee, Staples, Sephora, Avis, etc. According to its website, “Gummicube addresses every aspect of ASO from technology to execution and measurement”. It offers ASO services like Keyword Optimization, Conversation Optimization, Creative Services, Reputation Management, Attribution and Reporting, ASA and Google Ads, Focus Groups and A/B Testing, and App Launches.

4.) App Growth Network

App Growth Network, or AGN, is the leading App Marketing Agency in North America. Its vast and loyal customer base is thanks to the agency’s many specialised services, such as Paid UA, Data Analytics, CRM, and customized ASO. AGN’s list of partners includes brands like fit52, Ten Percent Happier, Color Collab, Twist, Zynga, Amwell, Breethe, Tynker, Hatch, Portable North Pole, etc. It offers a wide range of marketing tools and services, ranging from App Store Optimization (ASO) to Analytics and Insight. AGN provides you with a strong ASO strategy to ensure an organic acquisition process. It’s User Acquisition strategy utilizes highly effective paid media platforms such as Google Ads App Campaigns, Apple Search Ads (ASA), Facebook ads, social media influencer marketing, etc to achieve your marketing goals. AGN helps retain and engage your audience through a cross-device method that uses In-App Messaging, email, and SMS, along with other methods like smart push notifications, and monetization improvements. This service also gives you access to the top analytics tools and insights in the industry through AGN’s proprietary dashboard, Apollo.

5.) Moburst

Award-winning mobile marketing agency Moburst was established in 2013 and specialises in mobile growth. Since it’s inception, they have promoted over 600 apps globally, and represent 95% of all campaigns supported by them. Moburst boasts of a vibrant clientele consisting of renowned brands such as ebay, Google, Samsung, Gett, Deezer, Playtika, NYGN, Pfizer, Dunkin’ Donuts, Nielsen, Uber, Reddit, etc. It primarily offers three types of campaigns: Hyper Targeting, which isolates the correct users based on their time, behaviour, and means to reach them; Brand Engagement, which uses viral and innovative campaigns to generates a robust buzz; and Remarketing, where the inactive 75% app user base is re-engaged through various engagement strategies. Moburst will combine the perfect mebile media platforms to help you achieve your goals and KPIs, optimize through ROI, and track CPI.