Zuckerberg Introduces New Company Values, Employees To Be Called ‘Metamates’

Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday, introduced a new set of company values which encourage employees to be “Metamates” and treat each other respectfully as they work towards future goals. Zuckerberg shared the new company values on his Facebook page as a note to employees. The revised company values comes following a series of changes made to rebrand the Zuckerberg-founded company, which started with its renaming from ‘Facebook’ to ‘Meta’ in October.

Netizens on Twitter were quick to mock Zuckerberg’s attempt to build morale among his employees by asking them to be Metamates. “Metamates report to the Metatorium for a Metameeting,” one Twitter user wrote in jest. Other users suggested that the revamped values is merely a stunt to divert attention from the many issues and problems plaguing the social media giant, perhaps the most significant of them being the catastrophic revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen.

As revealed by the “Facebook Papers”, Meta executives were fully aware of the extent of damage done by their social media sites, such as the spreading and enabling of hate speech in developing countries and the detremental effect Instagram on the mental health of teenagers.

“For those of us living in the present, @Meta Facebook isn’t ‘nicing us to death’, wrote Haugen in a tweet on Tuesday. “Facebook must recognize the damage they are causing today, not pivot to the @Meta-verse and never look back.”

In the note shared on his Facebook page, Zuckerberg wrote, “As we build the next chapter of our company as Meta, we just updated the values that guide our work”. The last time Facebook had introduced new company values had been in 2007, as per it’s chief and co-founder.

The company has seen the “move fast and break things” ethic of its early days evolve to a simpler team motto of “move fast” in delivering new ideas and innovations.

The new values also ask “Metamates” to be direct but respectful towards their colleagues and work in collaboration with them. “Meta, Metamates, Me is about being good stewards of our company and mission,” read Zuckerberg’s note, further adding, “It’s about taking care of our company and each other.” The values also urged employees to focus on the future and build “awesome things.”