Meta Tells Advertisers Mixed Reality Could Be Available In A Few Years

Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook, while explaining its plans for the Metaverse told advertising agencies that mixed reality – the merging of the virtual and the real world using new technology – could be made available to consumers in a few years.

The new mixed reality (MR) technology could integrate the real and the virtual with the use of a headset, wearing which users would be able to take actions in the real world, the consequences of which would be seen in the virtual one. For instance, users could swing a baseball bat in the real world to hit a character in the virtual one.

The comments from Meta were made on a Zoom call hosted by the company on Thursday with the purpose of more clearly explaining the metaverse to advertisers, as per an agency executive who had attended the meeting. It was the first round table discussion about the metaverse hosted by Meta for ad agencies.

Although some mixed reality headsets are currently available in the market, they are not made for the general public to use. Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) HoloLens 2 was launched in 2019 and is made for use in the workplace. The mixed reality headset is sold at a price of $3,500.

Meta had announced Project Cambria, a mixed reality headset with eye and face tracking features, at its annual conference, held in October. The headset is expected to be launched in 2022 itself.

Meta continued to tell advertisers to exolore AR ads, like video and photo filters that apply digital images over real world objects, according to the ad agency executive. The company further added that brands could collaborate with content creators to create engaging augmented reality based ads, or use it for something like a virtual clothing try-on.