Google Chrome Continues To Be The Most Popular Browser In The World

Google Chrome has claimed the title of the most popular browser for many years now. It continues to boast that title with over 60% market share on desktops, as per the latest StatsCounter results. However, some things also seem to be moving backwards, with Microsoft’s browser, Edge, overtaking Safari.

Edge has, for a long time, trailed after Apple’s browser. It now seems, however, that the trajectories of the two browsers are intersecting. Safari, with a market share of 9.84%, continues to be the second most-used desktop browser. Yet, with Edge at 9.54% market share, there is a good possibility that Safari may move down to third place by next month.

Chrome, Safari, and Edge are followed by Firefox, which showed recent gains and peaked at 9.18%, and Opera, with 3% market share. The numbers differ vastly for mobile devices, though. While the iPhone market, which holds a 26.7% market share, enables Chrome to remain at rank one with 63% and Safari at rank two, Samsung’s browser, which is the default browser in all Samsung smartphones, holds rank three with 5.2% market share.

Edge and Microsoft have both fallen behind in the smartphone category. Edge has made some drastic changes to hold its spot. The browser was introduced in 2015 and replaced Internet Explorer as the new default browser on Windows 10. It did not gain mass popularity, however. In 2020, Microsoft tried again by introducing a new version of the browser that ran on a Chromium engine. This new version seemed to appeal to the public more, and it’s present market share is an indicator of its potential to reach the same level of market success as Chrome.