A New Tik Tok -Style Indicator Will Appear When YouTube Channels Go Live

The developers of YouTube continually add new features to the platform to make it more engaging and informative. The newest feature added to the interface is an indicator to show when a specific channel is streaming live. The feature was announced on Twitter by YouTube Products Director, Neal Mohan.

Channels that are live will now sport a ring around the profile picture along with the word “Live”. To view a live broadcast, users will simply have to click on the ‘Live’ indicator. The indicator will make it easier for viewers to locate live streams when scrolling through YouTube.

This particular feature is quiet popular among social media platforms and is already used by some prominent ones. For instance, a similar blinking ring is used on Tik Tok to indicate channels that are live streaming. Instagram, too, uses a coloured ring to indicate profiles that have gone live.

This moves makes it evident that YouTube continues to mimic Tik Tok’s features, having already created YouTube Shorts in the model of Tik Tok’s short, vertically scrolling videos. In an official, company blogpost, Neal Mohan, while sharing the platform’s 2022 service plans, revealed that innovations will impact the most trending topics, such as NFTs, short videos, and the metaverse.

YouTube intends to put in a significant amount of investment and effort into developing Shorts, the Tik Tok competitor. The platform has already seen huge success with the popularity of the format, with the current total number of views of Shorts already exceeding 5 trillion. YouTube plans on improving the functionality of the interface by adding new editing tools, video effects, and modes of communication between viewers and posters in the future. Specifically, YouTube will provide the option to reply to a comment with a new short video. New ways of monetization of Shorts will also be introduced over the course of the year, like ordering items from links directly.