Top 5 Bike-Taxi Apps

It is impossible to travel around a city these days without spending hours stuck in traffic. The increased commute time due to high traffic congestion is very taxing on daily commuters, and continues to disrupt their daily routines. It is at this juncture that a convenient and affordable alternative of transportation comes into play – bike taxis.

India has, in recent days, seen a massive spike in the acceptance and usage of bike taxis as more and more people begin to recognise it as the easiest solution to avoid rush-hour traffic and reach destinations on time. Listed below is our list of the top five Bike Taxi services:

1. Rapido Bike Taxi

Rapido Bike Taxi proudly holds the title of the first bike taxi service in India, and currently offers its services across more than a 100 Indian cities. Rapido Bike Taxis are known for their speed, convenience, and affordable rates. The app interface promises speedy bookings, minimal wait, and immediate response from the closest available rider.

Signing up for the Rapido Power Pass can get users up to 40% discount on the first five rides that are booked through the Rapido app. There are also coupons available for up to Rs 80 that can be availed in cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc.

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2. UberMoto

UberMoto is Uber’s newly launched bike-taxi service. It comes with high-quality safety features like 2-way feedback, GPS tracking, and the ability to share details of a trio with friends and family. Additionally, it also offers last mile connectivity and helps reduce traffic congestion.

UberMoto has already started to take over the bike-taxi market thanks to its highly affordable fares, starting at Rs 20 for the first 3kms, which goes to Rs 50 for 5-8 kms. UberMoto currently offers its services in Jaipur, Noida, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, etc., with plans to expand to other cities in the near future.

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3. Ola Bikes

Ola is widely favored by people for its safe, affordable, and speedy commutes. The app has a very user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to book rides through it. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ola ensures its commuters’ safety by rigidly adhering to the recommended hygiene and sanitization norms, making it one of India’s most popular and favored ride services.

First time users of Ola can use the coupon code VQ1X4V to avail a flat Rs 100 discount on any ride, regardless of the distance travelled.

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4. Mopedo Bike Taxi

Mopedo is another widely popular option among bike taxi commuters. Mopedo rides are available 24/7 , can be booked for any destination at any time, and offers additional services like Goods Delivery Service and Auto Rides. Commuters get picked up and dropped off at the doorstep of their location, making for a smooth and convenient commute.

Mopedo also offers a wide range of coupons and discounts on their bike fares, which makes the rides both comfortable and affordable.

5. Baxi Public Transport

Baxi is arguably Gurgaon’s favorite bike-taxi service. It’s easy-to-use app makes bookings an easy task and offers features like live tracking, advanced bookings, and price estimation. Baxi also strictly adheres to safety protocol to give its customers a hassle-free and safe ride.

Baxi has an exclusive ‘refer and earn’ offer wherein users can earn Rs 50 (which will be credited to their Baxi Wallet) by referring the app to their friends.

In the present day, the benefits of opting for bike-taxis have become glaringly evident. Not only does it save you from wasting your precious time stuck in unending traffic, but it also gives you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. So, the next time you need to book a ride, opt for these safe and affordable bike-taxi services.