App Review: SMS-iT – Smart Messaging, Simplified

SMS-iT – the intelligent way of messaging – is the only messaging platform built for businesses, Blockchain, Metaverse, and Internet of Things (IoT). It offers a cheap and easy way to send or receive unlimited MMS, RCS, SMS, email, voice, fax, and chat messages. It also allows you to engage in direct, one-on-one conversations with their customers.

SMS-iT‘s two-way smart omnichannel communication provides a smooth and seamless customer experience. It’s intuitive APIs allow human or machine-to-machine interactions and personalize every interaction and customer experience.

Some of the premium features available on SMS-iT include:

•Developer Documentation: The app provides tips, tutorials, guides, and other API references that help you build a two-way smart messaging experience into any platform.

• Geo-Targeting: SMS-iT’s API allows you to send messages based on geographical locations.

•Smart Database: SMS-iT allows you to use its over 1 billion segmented opt-in customer records database API to strategically build TCPA complaint consent lists for marketing campaigns, Blockchain, Metaverse, or IoT.

•Decentralized Version: The decentralized version is ideal for building messaging experiences for Blockchain, Metaverse, and IoT, that sends unlimited messages using an Android OS decentralized gateway.

•Raspberry Pi: The decentralized version of SMS-iT has direct integration for Raspberry Pi, which allows you to create an intelligent messaging experience for your Linux based Metaverse or IoT projects.

The long list of Smart Marketing Tools offered by SMS-iT includes: Smart Database, SMS, MMS, Email, RCS, Fax, Chat & Voice Apps, Personalized, Segmented, and Targeted Messaging, Email Software Integration, Renewals, Brand Awareness, QR Codes, Bulk Message Scheduling, Segmentation and Geo-Targeting, Mobile Keywords, Contests, Cart Abandonment, Kiosk Builder, Sales + Specials, Product Announcement, Built-in Shortening & Tracking, Name and Email Capture, Punch Card Loyalty Rewards, SMS to Email/ Email to SMS, Promo Codes, Coupons, Birthday Offers, Events, In-Store Specials, Membership Reminders, and Openings/Re-Openings.

The Smart Customer Support Tools include: Q&A SMS Bots, Autoresponders, Two-Way Online Conversation, Delivery Updates, Status Updates, Order Confirmations, Message Schedule, Surveys, Resolutions, Bulk Notifications, Account Updates, Mass Alerts, Interactive Keywords, Appointment Confirmations, Appointment Reminders, Payment Reminders, and Receipts.

SMS-iT also offers Smart Operations Tools like: Employee Notifications, Email Alerts, Detailed Campaign Analytics, Message Templates, Number Porting, Splash Page Builder, Database Cleansing, Delivery Statistics, Contact Management and Segmentation, Number Formatting, Bulk Uploads of Lists, Assignment of Multiple Long Codes, IVR Flows, Local Numbers, Tracking and Logistics, and Your SIM-Card Numbers.

Additionally, SMS-iT also provides you with the following Smart Security Tools: Account Verification, One-Time Passcodes, User Authentication, Account Protection, 2-Factor Authentication, Password Resets, Fake User Prevention, and Identity Verification.

You can start using SMS-iT in two simple steps:

Step 1 – Register a user account on the SMS-iT app or website and configure it to use it regularly. User account are free of cost and include 1-100 free voice credits and 2-100 free SMS/MMS.

Step 2 – Get a new, local number for free after you register. You can also buy more numbers if required. In the Decentralized version, your existing SIM card number gets auto-configured as your number.

After completing these two simple steps, you can enjoy the app’s features and manage your campaigns and activities through the User Account (A. I. C-Panel).

SMS-iT is proudly integrated with iNbox-iT, MailChimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, and SendinBlue. It is trusted by noted platforms like McAfee Security, Z2B2, ScamAdviser, TrustedSite, TrustPilot, and BBB. SMS-iT has also been ranked as #1 in its field by prominent news outlets like Fox News Channel, ABC, NBC, Yahoo!news, Benzinga, and Market Watch. This smart messaging app is supported in over 200 countries, with 1000+ active users, and over 1 billion segmented contacts of potential customers to target. With its plethora of features and intelligent, easy usage, SMS-iT is the number one platform for all your intelligent messaging needs, and is supported on both Android and Apple devices. Click on the links below to download SMS-iT from your app store.

Download SMS-iT on Android

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