Top 5 EV Recharge Station Locator Apps for USA

When planning a long road trip, it is essential that you strategize where and when to charge your electric car when on the road. There are plenty of apps available that help users locate charging stations near them. Every app comes with its own set of features and specialties that sets them apart. These recharge station locator apps vary in their payment model, with some offering a subscription service while other opting for a pay-per-use model. The payment model, along with other factors like crowdsourced data, visibility, customer care, etc., all culminate to create a service that makes recharging electric cars a hassle free and effortless affair.

Recharging electric cars at charging stations is a great alternative to refueling your car at gas stations and is an effective way of transitioning to a more sustainable and renewable energy source for your vehicle. While it is entirely up to personal preference and requirements when it comes to which app you opt for, here is our list of the top five EV recharge station locator apps in the United States:

1. PlugShare

PlugShare is a leading EV recharge information app that is available globally, on both iOS and Android. The app is free of cost and has more than 230,000 locations listed. It’s follows a social model that allows its users to report on the charging status of a local recharging location. PlugShare is founded on the tenet of “crowdsourcing”, with the platform relying on self reported updates and volunteered information from users like “could not charge”, “waiting for charge”, etc.

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2. EVgo

EVgo is ideal for users who frequent in domestic travel as the app offers its service in 34 US states, including significant places like Washington DC, Chicago, and Boston. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and costs $10. However, the $10 service charge is well justified as the app offers live customer-service, which happens to be a highlight of the app. EVgo also offers a host of other highly popular features such as turn-by-turn directions of the route, an easy to use interface, and live updates.

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3. ChargePoint

ChargePoint is quickly becoming a favorite among EV drivers and users. The app lists 108,500 charging locations across homes, workplaces, retailers, parking garages, etc., is free of cost, and is available on both iOS and Android devices. ChargePoint’s user interface displays a live map that shows the ChargePoint recharging stations along with other public stations and networks, and allows its users to apply filters based on type of charger required, network, and price. The app also allows users to find locations of open charging stations, check the costs, and view their own charging status and history. One of ChargePoint’s post popular features is its live updates. It’s other prominent facilities include informing users of when charging stations are at their busiest and offering a waitlist for when all charging ports in a station are occupied.

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4. Chargeway

Chargeway specializes in picking out only those charging networks that fit the requirements of a specific charger. The service is free of cost and is available on both iOS and Android. Color-coding is used to differentiate between levels 120V and 240V and DC fast-charging, as well as to identify features that differentiate superchargers, CCS, and ChaDeMo. Chargeway has been working with all stakeholders, including utilities and car dealerships, to create more awareness about the national charging structure and how to develop it, especially as the number of electric vehicles on American roads continues to grow.

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5. Greenlots

Greenlots, available in the US, Canada, Thailand, and Singapore, is a subsidiary of the corporate parent company Shell Group. It is free and available on both iOS and Android devices, and offers a host of features such as live charging updates, balance and history data, and information about the local public charging locations. It also has its own customer support team and a QR and RFID code feature for more convenient research. The app also provides in-depth information about the different charging options like ChaDeMo, CCS, etc. However, it does not distinguish between networks on that basis, unlike some other EV recharge station locator apps.

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