Top 5 Apps to Buy Ethereum

Cryptocurrency seems to be all the rage these days, with coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin reigning at the top. However, with unpredictable investments like crypto coins, it is essential for all stakeholders to be well versed with the prime crypto exchange platforms that facilitate the purchase and sale of these currencies.

The second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, Ethereum (ETH) is available for transaction on nearly all crypto exchange platform. While no single digital exchange platform can objectively be crowned as the best cryptocurrency exchange site, and each user must select the site best suited to their trading needs, listed below are our picks for the top 5 apps to buy Ethereum:

1. Coinbase

With over 43 million verified users ranging across 100 countries, Coinbase is one of the top crypto exchange platforms worldwide. It holds a cumulative net of over $90 million across all user accounts. The platform is user friendly with resources easily accessible, making it ideal for the new investors. Users have the option to stake Ethereum on Coinbase, i.e., tie it to accrue interest and add to network security.

2. Gemini

Gemini stands out among the plethora of crypto trading platforms for a multitude of reasons, starting with its committed stance towards security and compliance. It also permits its users a fixed number of free withdrawals every month. Additionally, traders can earn passive revenue on their ETH assets through Gemini’s lend Рearn product.

3. Binance

Despite its issues with regulation this year, Binance remains a globally popular crypto exchange platform. Although Binance’s US specific site offers lesser functionality and coins than its global site, the platform is constructed with rigid conformity to regulation, charges a low fee, and is rather easy to use.

4. Robinhood

The pioneer of zero commission stock trading, Robinhood is a leading crypto platform that follows the same tenet with its venture into cryptocurrency trading as well. Although it does not, as of yet, offer an external wallet feature that would allow users to withdraw or deposit their crypto coins, the platform promises to soon include this feature with its service as well. Overall, Robinhood is ideal for investors seeking to hold their stock and crypto assets under one umbrella.

5. Crypto .com

Crytop .com has a main exchange platform, as well as a separate easy-to-use app for smartphones. It is available across 49 US states and permits its customers to earn revenue off their ETH assets. To fully utilize Crypto .com’s benefits, however, users must stake its native coin, CRO.