Google Partners with Qualcomm to Develop Better AI Experience on Smartphones

Google partners up with Qualcomm in a collaborative effort to speed up the development and differentiation of neural network for Snapdragon mobile, ACPC, and XR platforms, along with Snapdragon Ride Platform, as well as Qualcomm Technologies’ IoT platforms. They will be making use of Google Cloud Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search (NAS) along with the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine. The partnership between Google and Qualcomm and Google is said to be done in the interest of enhancement of AI capabilities in Qualcomm and Snapdragon chipsets powered devices. It is hoped that the collaborative effort will lead to enhanced accuracy in feedback from the AI.

Ziad Asghar, the vice president (product management) of Qualcomm Technologies said about this collaborative effort, “The ability to utilize Google’s NAS technology to create and optimize new AI models in a condensed time frame is a game changer for our business,” further adding, “We are happy to be the first chipset company to work with Google Cloud on NAS and eager to roll out this technology to further our momentum in connecting the intelligent edge.”

June Yang, vice president of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions mentioned, “Google Cloud’s Vertex AI NAS will give Qualcomm Technologies the ability to bring high accuracy AI with low latency to low-power devices such as IoT, medical imagery, automobile and mobile devices, whilst ensuring memory and energy efficiency.” Yang further said, “With this collaboration Qualcomm Technologies will now be able to build and optimize new AI models in weeks rather than months and we’re thrilled at the impact this will have on people using Snapdragon-powered devices.”

Developer access will be enabled by integrating Google Cloud Vertex AI NAS into the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK. Platforms of Qualcomm Technologies’ using the Qualcomm AI Engine are able to gain optimizations and increased performance.