Google Maps Begins Testing ‘Dock to Bottom’ Feature on Desktop

Google Maps has recently been testing a new feature called “Dock to bottom” on desktop. The feature seems to work in a manner similar to the favorites bar for a user’s most visited locations. This feature was first noticed by Search Engine Roundtable. As of this moment, it appears that Google is currently in the process of testing a new “Dock to bottom” toggle which will appear next to a location card. Google is also said to be adding a tiny docked icon in the map view for quick access by users. This feature will be especially useful when looking at multiple locations or during the planning of trips, as users will no longer need to run a search for a commonly accessed destination.

This new feature being tested out has evoked a sense of nostalgia among its users for the dock in ChromeOS, which possessed the additional ability to remove said location at any point. Upon clicking a location using the “Dock to bottom” feature, Google Maps will open that location quickly. However, as per several reports, it is being suggested that this feature is regional and very sporadic, and will not be not widely available.

It would appear as though this new “Dock to bottom” toggle feature has been appearing for random users online. There does not seem to be any way to replicate it.

Considering how this appears to not be a feature that can be easily reproduced, it remains unclear how widely the feature is currently being tested, and if or not the toggle will be able to expand beyond Google Maps on desktop and onto mobile devices. This tool would highly beneficial, and one such option currently under trial appears to be quite interesting.

via Search Engine Roundtable

At the very least, this new feature could be an excellent option for quick bookmarking option. As such, the “Dock to Bottom” toggle could prove to be very useful in the long term.