Exynos SoC Powered Pixel Watch may have on-device Google Assistant

With 2021 nearing its end, even more evidence about Google’s much speculated about Pixel Watch keeps accumulating. Earlier in December, marketing images of the Google Pixel Watch were leaked. These images showed that the Google Pixel Watch had a low-profile touch screen. It has a suitable round watch body for the rounded edge that goes all the way around.

In a recent report, 9to5Google specified finding “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” mentioned. This suggests that the smartwatch will carry the Pixel name. Moreover, it is likely that the smartwatch will possess Wear OS features exclusive to the device.

The Wear OS 3 will possess the latest update to Google Assistant. With this update, it will be able to understand voice queries, as well as perform tasks when offline. As of now, this feature of Google Assistant is reserved for only select Pixel smartphones.

With the recent release of the Wear OS 3 emulator, it has been revealed that Google Assistant may come with a new look. As suggested by 9to5Google, it may look like the different.

Instead of taking up the whole screen during a voice query, the screen will simply show an arc of Google’s quad-colors at the bottom of the screen.

The same report has suggested that a Samsung made Exynos SoC for the Pixel Watch may be highly likely. Considering how highly probable it is that the on-device speech processing of the wearable will be equipped with the updated Google Assistant, the report might be valid in its assumption. The SoC of the new Google Pixel Watch could be either Exynos-branded or Tensor-branded. Regardless of which one it is, though, it will still be manufactured by Samsung.

It is expected that the Google Pixel Watch will be unveiled in 2022. However, no solid time frame for that is available. It is possible that Google will wait until October for their annual MadeByGoogle launch event to reveal the wearable device. Alternatively, Google may instead attempt to stagger the launch of the Pixel Watch for April, even. However, all of this is still speculation with no official updates either confirming or denying them.