Google Maps on Android Auto Keeps Refreshing Itself Unprompted

Google Maps is used in Android Auto with the purpose of providing users with uninterrupted guidance when navigating through roads without having to use the touchscreen. However, a new bug has been detected in the app which seems to be hindering this otherwise seamless service.

As Autoevolution notes, the apps appears to be repeatedly refreshing itself while still in navigating mode, an issue that has puzzled quiet a few users. According to reports, this cycle keeps repeating every five to ten minutes, which has left many users confused and wondering about any plausible reason behind this.

The issue does not appear to be rooted in any specific Android device that is being used since it has affected all Android phones indiscriminately. Some of the users faced with this malfunction who have voiced their issue on Google’s forum claim to use devices like Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Google Pixel 3 XL. One Vivo X70 Pro user even managed to record the malfunction while it was happening.

The comments on Google’s forum also revealed that the issue impacts both wireless and wired Android Auto connections. However, the volume of comments in the comments section also seems to indicate that the issue is not widespread, but is contained to only some users, which is of some relief as it makes the problem more manageable.

Sadly, those who are currently tackling this issue will have to simply wait for Google to acknowledge and resolve it. As of yet, the tech giant has neither acknowledged the glitch nor provided any resolution to it. This would imply that the commonly practiced routines of rebooting the Android phone or emptying the cashe will likely not solve this problem.

The number of people impacted by this bug is not known for certain. Android Central has approached Google requesting a statement. However, there have been no updates from Google on the matter yet.