Top 5 Kids’ Games For iPhone 2021

It is amazing to see how far technology has advanced to allow the kids of this age to comprehend and enjoy some of the most complex, well designed, intricate, and expertly created digital games that the tech world has to offer. Gone are the days of board games and primitive consoles. Most of the kids of today would much rather prefer to spend their free time playing games on their devices.

The benefits of making mobile games accessible to and understandable for children is undeniable. Many of these games are educational and interactive along with being fun, which encourage a child’s intellectual and cognitive growth while having fun. It is an additional bonus that the highly engaging nature of these games has often saved many a parent from having to handle a fussy child while travelling in public transport or working from home. Given the numerous advantages of kids’ games, we only saw it fit to compile a list of the top 5 kids’ games for iPhones in 2021.

1.) Pok Pok Playroom

Pok Pok Playroom was created with the intention of giving kids a safe and fun environment to explore that mimics facets of the real world. The games are designed without any risks or a definitive end, and allow kids to grown and learn through new discoveries and experiments. On its official website, the game describes itself as “A collection of digital toys that spark creativity and learning through open-ended play.” It was also the winner of the 2021 Apple Design Award.

As for the visuals, the games are colourful, with a minimalistic aesthetic that gives it a friendly charm and makes it easily understandable. The larger screen of the iPad makes the game easier and more accessible for children who are not fully attuned to the touchscreen yet. The subscription service might be described as a tad ambitious, however, the app does regularly add new, exciting toys to the games and is definitely worth a try.

2.) BBC iPlayer Kids

The BBC iPlayer Kids is a new free app that can be downloaded on any mobile or tablet. As is the standard for most iPlayers, the BBC iPlayer Kids too is free of adverts, with an elegant interface that is easy to understand, along with quick search features and the option to download programs for offline viewing. Keeping in mind it’s target demographic, the iPlayer limits its shows to those that are broadcast on CBBC and CBeebies.

3.) My Very Hungry Caterpillar

This charming game featuring the “very hungry caterpillar” starts off with an egg from which the caterpillar hatches, ready to gobble down any food plopped his way. Once he has eaten his fill, he then moves on to playtime, which might include anything from sliding across a frozen pond on its belly to playing very enthusiastically with a bouncing ball to bubble popping, based on the time of the year. The game ends with the caterpillar growing into a butterfly, and it is entirely reasonable for any child to get attached to this adorable virtual pet and want to keep playing the game over and over again

4.) Sago Mini Friends

There are numerous Sago games for children, but the Mini Friends game seems to be the favorite of many. Kids get to select their character and then cruise about their neighborhood, going into other homes to play mini games.

The game is designed to include simple activities that kids can enjoy, such as hammering on a few nails to hang a birdhouse, playing dress up, eating treats and snacks, while also teaching the little ones to learn to value of sharing and empathy. For instance, if two animals are present at a feast, giving all the treats to any one of them makes the other look like its about to burst our crying. The only way to keep everyone happy is by sharing.

5.) Peek-a-Zoo

Peek-a-Zoo is a singe screen app featuring a group of animated animals. While the game might look a little basic on first impressions, it really packs a punch with its depth and intensity. The game essentially gives kids hints and clues using which they have to recognizing the animal that is associated with it. This hint might be anything – a name, an emotion, a position, sound, or an action that they associate with the animal.

After they select the right animal, a new screen pops up. The adorable cartoon include a seal attempting to make a call using a banana, a pig trying to ‘hide’ against a pick backdrop, and many other such charming creatures that are sure to bring a smile to any face, be it a child or an adult.