Top 5 Kids’ Fitness Apps for iPhones

No age is “too early” to start living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Exercising and staying fit is an integral part of preserving one’s health, and kids, especially, should always be encouraged to be active. That being said, for those children who find exercising tedious and boring, here are five fitness apps for kids that make exercise fun and enjoyable while also helping them be more fit and learn the importance of exercise.

  1. Yoga for Kids – Fun Workout for Kids (by Zany Studio)
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This app is perfect for those looking for a yoga app catered to kids. The exercises are set against the backdrop of a spooky, enchanted castle, making this the ideal app for introducing children to yoga. Yoga for Kids teaches 30 different poses, with workouts specifically designed for children in preschool and elementary school. However, these yoga poses can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

2. 7-Minute Workout for Kids: Make Fitness Fun for Stronger, Healthier Kids Through Interval Training (by ExactLead)

This app is for people looking for a kids’ fitness app with easy and simple workouts. It allows children to have fun while following along with easy exercise videos, and trains kids in strength, endurance, and flexibility.7-Minute Workout for Kids also offers exercises that can be enjoyed by the whole family, such as jumping jacks, push-ups, and squats. Overall, this is the perfect fitness app for 6 – 8 year olds.

3. Sworkit Kids (by Nexercise)

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This app is ideal for those looking for a fitness app for kids that offers varied workout plans. Sworkit Kids provides guided workout plans for kids between ages 7 – 14. The app employs fun exercise routines to make the workout more enjoyable. It offers various workout plans that can last anywhere between five minutes to thirty minutes, and focuses on flexibility, strength, and agility training. The app catalogue consists of over 200 fitness and exercise videos along with experts’ videos to follow along with. Workout plans can also be personalize to fit specific requirements.

4. 7 Minute Workouts with Lazy Monster Pro: Daily Fitness for Kids and Women (by Index Zero)

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This app is perfect for those who want ‘cuteness’ in their fitness app. 7 Minute Workouts with Lazy Monster Pro comes with a colorful and cute theme and is designed for children and mothers who want to have fun while working out. The app offers 30 types of exercises, 10 workout plans, and high energy music. Progress made with this app can also be tracked, and the data is stored in Apple’s Health App. The app also allows for users to create customized workout plans.

5. FitnessKids (by Sanse Boulevard S.L)

FitnessKids is a fun children’s exercise app for iPad, and is designed for kids aged 6 – 8. Along with 25 exercises, the app also offers high-energy music and colorful exchanges. Kids can enjoy exercising by following along with videos of other children doing their exercises. The app also has a training mode feature, which tracks progress, as well as the option to challenge other friends. FitnessKids also offers achievements for aerobic capacity, coordination, and resistance.