Top 5 Apps For Home Buyers In India

Something that one can find a solution to is which is better-buying a house or renting one. Both of them have their pros and cons, but most of it depends on what your income and situation are. However, if you are looking for a home and are situated in India, then we bring before you the top 5 apps for homebuyers in India.

  • NoBroker

By the name itself, you might have understood that there isn’t any hassle of going through a broker and paying huge brokerage fees if you use this app. You will find houses listed by their owners. The company claims to have verified the owners. There are enough listings and details available. Along with looking for houses to buy you can also search for rentals. Setting up basic filters will let you find something according to your need easily. Also, a map view is present that helps us see where everything actually is. The only drawback of this is its recommendations. It might recommend a property in Mumbai despite our search being in Pune. It also recommends places far away from our required locality.

  • CommonFloor

Another app that has made it into our top 5 is CommonFloor. One reason is its varied listings at least in Bengaluru. That’s a very important step when it comes to buying a house. By default, it shows you the owner and broker listings so that saves you the effort of going through the listings with an agent. Also, using a toggle you can easily switch between buying and renting. CommonFloor gives 3D tours for some properties which are extremely useful. If you are looking for a home to move in, you might want to give this a try.

  • 99acres

This is the oldest one on our list. 99acres contains a huge number of listings. Another very interesting feature is that you can just tap and search for the localities at your present location. So, if you are already out looking for houses you can easily just open your app and look for properties. Also through the ‘listing quality’ filter, you can see only the houses which have pictures, or videos, or only those which have been personally verified by 99acres.

  • MagicBricks

This app has a huge number of listing along with probably the highest number of options that include buying or renting, residential or commercial, broker, owner, or builder. To access these you just need to use the right filter. This app is quite accurate in looking for properties around you and also works across all major Indian cities. You can easily contact the property owners. This is the best-suited app for home buyers. Also, you will get a notification when a property that matches your preference is available.

  • Trulia Real Estate

This app comes in very handy and helps in looking for your perfect home by providing virtual neighborhood tours along with 30M+ neighborhood reviews from the locals. The neighborhood tour comes with original photos, local stories, and drone footage. There are also 34 neighborhood get overlay maps like crime, school, amenities, and commute.