Navigation Voice Of Google Maps Is Changing To An Indian Accent Randomly

A new surprising event taking place in Google Maps these days is the random turning of Google Maps navigation voice into an Indian accent for some users. The transition from the default voice to the Indian accent takes place at random. For some users, the changed voice stays for a small-time while for some it stays for a longer duration and even throughout the journey. Google has considered this and has started working on a fix for this.

It isn’t confirmed though if this problem is occurring in a specific area but going by the location of the people tweeting about facing this problem it looks like this is happening mostly in Canada. As per some tweets, Google Maps users having the navigation voice set to English are experiencing a change in the navigation voice to that of a man with an Indian accent. For some users, it again changes back to the original voice. For those who don’t know, Google offers English in different accents for the US, the UK, and Australia.

As per reports of 9to5Google, people on Reddit are talking about this issue as well. It is apparently been happening for the past two days. Google hasn’t brought a fix to this yet, however they have said that they are working on a fix and it will be rolled out soon.