Google Chrome Introduces New Side Search Panel

Google Chrome has brought in a new interesting feature that is the introduction of a new ‘Side Search’ panel. This way the user will have an easier way to access the recent search results which will be seen in a side panel on the browser. As of now, the user needs to hit the back button to go to the search results or they need to open a new tab and search to find the search results once again. Introducing the side search panel will make the search engine even more interactive.

Once the side search option is enabled, a new button with the Google “G” logo will be seen. On clicking the button, a panel to the left of the current tab will open up. You can click any result in the side panel and the browser tab will go to a newly selected page. The user only needs to click the new Google icon in the address bar to see the search results without thinking of the web page it is in.

Some might find this feature a little known. Microsoft Edge had introduced something like this last year. The main reason for introducing the feature was to search for a word or phrase in the panel on the right side of the current tab that shows the appropriate result.