Top 5 Alternate Email Apps For iOS 2021

Email apps are a necessity these days. Emails are now considered a formal source of communication. Gone are the days for sending a letter and waiting for its reply. Be it inviting the chief guest for some event or dropping in a leave application, emails are the way to go. Here we bring before you the top 5 alternate email apps for iOS in 2021.

  • Email-Edison Mail

Edison allows you to get all your accounts under one roof. It supports a large variety of platforms including iCloud, Google, AOL, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, and even IMAP. You can add all your accounts from these together under one platform in Edison Mail. It also does not end the setup after your first account is configured. Instead, it asks if you want to add another account. That’s it after setup you can easily manage all your inboxes. The composition window is simple but functions effectively. There is an ‘Undo Send’ feature that comes in extremely handy. It has a built-in personal assistant and is also extremely secure. You can download it here.

  • Airmail-Gmail Outlook Mail

This app initially started out on the Mac and then made its way to iOS. The iOS version has everything from the Mac version and even better. It too can contain all accounts of a user from different email services under a single platform. It also has a unified inbox with color-coded mailboxes for the accounts. Airmail also provides support for folders and labels, thread viewing, PDF creation, HTML signatures, aliases, email tracking, and much more. You can download it from the App Store here.

  • Spark Mail-Email by Readdle

This app provides you with a template feature. This helps you save time when you are writing an email by providing you with a customizable and reusable text block. This feature is useful for those who write the same kind of emails often. Another interesting feature is that you can attach a video while writing a message. Also, the developer branding in Quick Replies can be removed. There’s also a smart inbox that categorizes messages into categories like personals, notifications, and newsletters. Download it from the App Store here.

  • MailTime

MailTime is basically a mobile messenger having email technology. Sending emails from this app is just like texting. Also to message from this app doesn’t require the other person to have the same app. It also syncs all your desktop emails and categorizes them into different categories like conversational emails and newsletters. This helps the user to better handle the inbox. Platforms that MailTime supports include Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, Office 365,, Hotmail, QQ,163, 126, Tencent Enterprise, Sina Mail, Google Apps Mail services. Files from Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Box, and One Drive can be attached. Download it here.

  • Handle-GTD To-do List and Calendar Management

This app comes in very handy for busy bees. The user can manage their to-do list on a daily timeline, handle their inbox, and also view the calendar from inside the App. Also, if you swipe to the right on the email, then it will turn into a task and it will be added to your to-do list this app is very well to look at. However, in case you want a simple checklist, this might not be the one for you. You can download it from the App Store here.