The Top 5 Apps On iOS To “Keep You In The Loop”

With happening events taking place all over the globe, it is easy to get lost in the doomscrolling, between the reels and the TikToks. Here are some of the easy ways to keep you informed without distracting you. The apps I mention below are some of the best apps that give you complete news.

The apps are designed to collect articles from a large number of sources and provide all the reports instead of just one particular source.

  • Apple’s News Service.

Apple News+ keeps its users informed on the latest updates. You can browse or enable the notifications/alerts for your choice of topic and read it as soon as a news piece is published. The app is customizable for personal liking, you want the stories narrated to you, sure, that is possible too.

Mac laptop users, do not worry, we have a web app for you if you do not want to install it on your phone. All this is available for $9.99 per month.

  • Google News

While the Apple News+ is only for iOS users, Google News is the same but available for iOS and Android users. Another plus is that this app is free of cost.

  • Flipboard

This app is so convenient to use and fun too (a personal fan). Formed originally as a digital magazine, it is more of a topic-based issue as compared to an individual headline. You can choose your favorite categories and it will present all the top stories and gossip from the industry, regardless of the country or city.

  • Ground News

With more than 50,000 sources available on just one platform, there is not much more one can ask for. Ground News has browser extensions, a webpage, an app (of course), a newsletter, and other comparison tools. A premium ($2.49/mo) and Pro ($0.83 cents) have been added as affordable choices.

  • Pocket

Pocket has a “Discover” tab that shows an aggregated sections of news. You can personalize it by linking your Twitter or Google accounts and follow people or topics your friends follow with a read it later option. A premium version is available as well for a personalized and permanent library, just for $44.99 per year.

Other apps like our old school app, Yahoo still brings all the best gossip in town and top celebrity/other stories and often the first one to report breaking news, like the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Enjoy the games and if not, you always have the apps to keep you updated!