HTTPS-Only Mode To Be Launched By Chrome

Going by the latest post on the Chromium Gerrit, Google is working on an HTTPS-Only mode for Chrome. This feature will alert the users whenever they visit a site with an unsecured connection.

This move by Google is to stop users from visiting and using websites that do not use a secured connection. When a user uses these websites they are open to being monitored by a third-party.

Already Google marks the websites that use HTTP protocols as ‘unsecure’ i.e. they are seen as a threat that could see sensitive information such as banking information and this could lead to cybercrimes.

The HTTPS-only option will be turned off by default. However, it should be seen here that Chrome always tries to connect the user to the HTTPS version of a website. In case, it doesn’t find one it connects the user to an HTTP version but not even showing a warning and asking whether the user wants to proceed.

Also, Google remembers the sites you have visited with the older protocol and won’t show a warning when you visit them next.

The feature is still in the development phases and will take some time to be available for all users. On the other hand, browsers such as Vivaldi and Firefox already have HTTPS-only mode turned on by default so surely this is one sector that Google needs to catch up on.