Google Maps To Get An Insights Tool

A new tool is available for Google Maps. This is an Insights tool and this will be keeping track of a user’s movement over a span of time. In this tool, a user’s movement on a month-to-month basis and as per the modes of transport used will be seen. Also, this tool will help the users keep a record of the places they have visited. The Insights tool is already available to some users and it will be available to others soon.

The Insights tool is a part of the Timeline menu. To use it, you have to tap on the profile icon on the top right corner and select ‘Your Timeline’ from the menu that pops up. There are six options available-Day, Trips, Insights, Places, Cities, and World. As per reports of SmartDroid and Android Police the users of Germany and the UK are available to view the Insights tool. However, the Gadgets360 team was also able to view the Insights but only on android. Thus there is no information on when iOS users will receive the tool.

Google has a huge amount of data of a person’s location and location history. This is being used to show the user the data on Insights. The users will also be able to see their travel history monthly along with the mode of transport they have used over time ranging from walking to flying. Each mode of transport has a bar graph that shows how much a user has relied on a particular mode.

In the Insights, Google will also show the kinds of places a user has been to. The categories include shopping, food and drink, attractions, hotels, airports, among others. Also, the time spent in each category is clearly mentioned.

And finally, the Insight tool will also show the busiest day of the month for a user. Here they will see the places they have visited and the transport they have used in that month.