Buses In Delhi Can Now Be Tracked Through Google Maps

Google Maps has brought in a new feature for the lakh of daily bus passengers of Delhi. Now, the people of Delhi will be receiving real-time bus information in Google Maps. For this to happen, Google has partnered up with Delhi Transport Ministry, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), IIIT Delhi, and Lepton Software. Through this collaboration, Google Maps will be able to provide real-time information about the arrival times of buses for Delhi on Google Maps.

This is how it works. Open the Google Maps app on your phone. Tap the ‘Go’ icon and input your ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’ locations. After the locations are entered, tap on the ‘transit’ icon. This is the little tram icon present. On clicking it you will be able to view times, bus numbers, routes, and real-time arrival information that will be highlighted in green or red.

There will be some recommended routes and on tapping them you will get more information about the route’s stops.

On tapping a bus stop you will find the arrival times of all the buses and relevant information will be shown in red or green.

Also, you can directly search the name of a bus stop and find real-time bus information. Tapping on the bus stop you will see a list of all the buses to arrive, along with location-enabled buses showing their real-time ETA. The same feature is also available in Hindi so the users can do all the above things in their preferred language.

Through this new feature, you will get to know whether your bus is delayed, which bus you can catch as per the time, and which is the next bus arriving at your stop. Also, you will get an estimated time of how long your trip will be and the route through will the bus will pass. In case your bus is delayed, Google Transit will update the times in line with the new conditions.