Top 10 Snapchat Filters And Lenses

Snapchat filters and lenses are a huge hit among users. It is known that by the third quarter of 2020, over 1.5 million new Snapchat lenses and filters were made. These filters are a quick way of editing presets. You can either take a picture using a filter or just add it later on. These give a fun factor to your pictures. Here we bring before you a list of the top 10 Snapchat filters and lenses that you must try out.

  • Vogue Noir

This filter brought by Tyler Allen will let you put your picture on the cover page of Vogue magazine. It doesn’t matter whether you actually pose for the cover page or not but you can definitely see how you will look on the cover using this filter.

  • Polaroid Frame

This filter was created by Saman Hasan. This filter will give you the feel of having an actual Polaroid camera. It brightens and softens your face along with adding a cute flower border. It also writes the day and date at the bottom in personal handwriting that gives a personal feel to it all.

  • Lip Freckles

Whenever you want to shower love on your loved ones who are far away this filter will come in handy. This filter shows a layer of lipstick print designs near your eyes and cheeks area where freckles are present. Click a picture using this and send it to your loved ones to spread some love to them.

  • Black Makeup

Getting a perfect smokey eye look might be difficult at times. Or you might not want to do makeup yet want to see how it will look on your face. This filter will be useful for you then. Also, this smoothes your skin along with giving you the black eye makeup look.

  • Fashion Sunglasses

Are you someone who wonders how you would look in a super-shaped beard? If yes, then this filter will be very helpful for you. You can see how you look and then take the decision whether you want to grow it or not. This is also a perfect filter for ZZ top fans.

  • Beauty Products

This will be very useful for the times you don’t want to put on makeup on your face but you want to see how you look with makeup. On opening the camera and applying this filter, your face will fill with makeup and will change your look completely.

  • Old

Ever wondered how you might look when you grow old? Answer this question using the Old filter of Snapchat. This filter turns your face old by graying your hair and adding some wrinkles to your face. This filter is a little different from the rest. Also, it isn’t 100% accurate.

  • Pecan

Going by the ongoing pandemic situation none of us know when it will be okay for us to go outside and get the perfect tan. And not everybody wants to spend time and money on a tanning salon. This filter by Luckee Bains will be a perfect fit. It adds a perfect tan effect that can be controlled by the user. It also adds some graininess but that can be removed by a tap in case the user doesn’t like it.

  • My Twin

This filter is extremely innovative and fun. At some point we all have wished for a twin, haven’t we? This filter creates a clone of ours with the same face but in the opposite gender. The eyes, hair, and skin texture are changed to make us look like the opposite gender.

  • Sailor’s Cap

This filter will take you back to your childhood dreams where you wanted to be a sailor. Everyone who has grown up watching “Popeye- The sailor man” has dreamt of being a sailor. This filter puts an oversize captain’s cap on your head and gives a perfect beard to complete the look.