No Need To Say “Hey Google” To Activate Google Assistant Anymore

Google recently announced some new features for its Android 12 at the Google I/O 2021. The new version is still in developer preview and is expected to launch later this year. Now, just sometime before the release, some new reports have come up concerning Google Assistant.

A new feature of Google Assistant is said to have come up. This feature says that now the users do not need to say “Hey Google” to activate Google Assistant and perform a task.  As per reports from XDA Developers, Google is working on this new feature wherein those specific words need not be said to wake the assistant. This feature called Quick Phrases has been codenamed guacamole. This was spotted during the teardown of the Google App v 12.22.5. After this feature will be activated, users won’t have to say “Hey Google” before performing a specific task such as starting a timer or dismissing an alarm.

Something about Dynamic Shortcuts was also mentioned in the report. Going by a user’s app usage pattern, shortcuts will be recommended to them. According to the report, “The latest Google App update prepares support for this feature, with strings stating that dynamic shortcuts are ‘related to what you’re typing’ and can be based on interactions with apps on your device.”

Dynamic Shortcuts were initially launched with Android Nougat because it gave the developers a scope to provide specific, context-sensitive actions within an app. Now, bringing this to the UI looks like Google is trying to make it a bigger part of the Google Assistant experience.