Apple App Store Gets Some Major Updates For Developers

Apple has announced a major update for its App Store today. This update will be changing the way developers understand the users. In this update, developers can target their apps to the users better. They will be able to get their app noticed by more users and also highlight what actions are taking place inside the app. This will give a push to the new users to download the apps and will also request the existing users to return.

Apple has said that the App Store has 600 million weekly users in 175 countries. From the beginning of the App Store to now, Apple has paid more than $230 billion to developers.

Now, that the App Store has become big, it has become difficult for a lot of app developers to get their app noticed by new users. The new features and updates will bring an end to that problem.

The first change is concerned with the product page of the App. From this year, app developers can create more than one custom product page. Using different pages, different features of the app will be highlighted to different users.

Another interesting feature is that the dynamic changes that are taking place inside an App can be now advertised for all. For example, the majority of the games today have a lot of limited-time events. Only the ones having the game installed who have push notifications turned on, know about these.

Now the App developers can advertise these ongoing events. The launch of in-app events “front and center on the App Store” will allow this to happen. The events will be shown on the app’s product page.

The best events will be collected by the App Store editors. The new App Store widget will show upcoming events right on the users’ home screen also.

This feature can be used by all developers.