Android Users Might Soon Be Able To Use AirTags

Apple has recently launched its new tracking device called AirTags. This is a Bluetooth device and is compatible with iOS only as of now. But soon, Android users might also be able to use this tracking device.

CNET reported that an Android App will be released using which the users will be able to use the AirTags and thus find their missing devices. It has also been mentioned in the report that more details about the Android app will come up by the end of this year.

CNET also reports about the new firmware update for AirTags. In this update, the users will be alerted about a lost item in their surroundings in a slightly different way.

Previously, Apple AirTags would alert the users three days after the item had been lost. This time window has been changed in the new update. After the update, however, the lost AirTag will emit a noise within the time window of 8 to 24 hours. According to Apple this change in the time window will “discourage unwanted tracking.” Thus, the users won’t be tracked pointlessly without their knowledge.

Also, the report says that if someone finds an unwanted AirTag, then they can tap it with an iPhone or any NFC-enabled device and get instructions on how to stop tracking.