Top 5 Matrimonial/Wedding Apps In India

Matrimonial apps have always turned out to be very useful. Lots have people have found their perfect match with these matrimonial apps and websites and are currently leading a happy life. People can easily create and find profiles as per their preferences.

These matrimonial websites use AI technology to find the perfect match for the user. They make the matches keeping in mind your location, preferences, interests, etc.

Here we bring you the list of the top 5 matrimony apps in India.

1.Bharat Matrimony

This is the most popular app in India. When looking for a matrimonial app, this is the first that comes to a user’s mind. This provides a perfect match for the users. This app was launched in 2000. Around 80% of the Indians use this app.  This app allows you to find your perfect match and also save some of your shortlisted matches for later seeing. There is a GPS in this app that helps the user find a match closer to their homes. A few other exclusive features of this app are. There is an ‘Elite Matrimony’ section present. This is specifically for the opulent class or the very rich so that they can find their partners easily according to their choice. The “Assisted Matrimony” section offers personalized matchmaking services. This app is free of cost, but a paid membership provides you with some more benefits. This is available for both Android and iOS.

This was the first matrimony app ever launched. This was launched in the year 1996. According to them, they have a success story of 5 million matches and they are said to make a match about every 2 seconds. There are many filters available such as caste, religion, education, height, astrology, photos which help the users make different combinations while searching and find the perfect pair. The paid subscription to this app gives you new features and an instant messenger which allows you to talk to people you are interested in. this app is available both for iOS and Android.


This is a very trusted app when it comes to matrimony. It was launched in the year 2002 and has ever since been extremely popular. This app has several users throughout the country and is known to have a huge collection of authentic profiles. First, when you create the profile you have to create self profiles and the desired partners’ profile. After that, you can upload your photos and phone number. If a match has been found, match alerts will be sent to your phone in the number and email provided as ‘Match Alerts’. This app too is available both on iOS and Android.

4.Community Matrimony

This is one of the latest additions to the list. A very recent app that allows you to create your profile and go through potential matches before finally finding the one. In this app too, several filters are present which lets you narrow down your results and thus help in finding a match. This app is extremely user-friendly. Also, you get to know who has visited your profile so that you understand who is interested in you. This is one of the most popular matrimony apps in India and is available for both iOS and Android.

5.Divorcee Matrimony

This app is a part of Community Matrimony and comes from the Matrimony Group. As the name suggests, this App is made for divorcees who are interested in giving it another chance. This app helps you find a perfect match from a vast range of profiles belonging to different religions or cast. This app is very user-friendly and makes your search experience easier. This one too is available for both Android and iOS.