Top 5 Apps To Buy And Sell Dogecoin

Dogecoin is an upcoming cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. It was created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. This is a payment system that is free from traditional banking fees. It is called “DOGE” in the cryptocurrency markets. The trading of dogecoins can be done on several cryptocurrency and exchange platforms.

The investments of these cryptocurrencies come with a lot of risks. They are not insured by the government. Also, there’s no consistency in its value. The value might increase or decrease within an hour. This depends on factors like supply and demand. Here, we bring you 5 Apps using which you can buy or sell dogecoins.


This is a commission-free App that lets you buy or sell not just dogecoins but other cryptocurrencies as well. To use the App, one needs to download the App and set up their profile. Stock trading can also be done through this App. Robinhood is a very user-friendly App and it is best for beginners who are just starting. When you are just starting you don’t have a lot of knowledge about wallets, and other technical specifications of cryptocurrencies. In such a case, this might be the best option for you. However, in this App, you can only buy or sell cryptocurrencies but cannot withdraw them and put them in any other wallet or bank. Robinhood is available both on Android and iOS. You can download Robinhood from the App Store and Play Store.

2. Binance

The website of Binance says “Binance is a safe and secure platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies quickly”.  There are only trusted and verified partners so that you don’t get robbed. It is the largest as well as the safest platform for trading Dogecoin. Binance claims that the App is protected by its Secure Asset Fund for Users. This is a wallet that isn’t connected to the internet. This wallet has 10% of the total trading fees collected by Binance. There is also a ‘Lite’ section which is specifically designed for beginners.  This App is also available on Android and iOS. You can download Binance from the App Store and Play Store.

3. Kraken

Kraken is another App where you can trade dogecoins. The App claims to have the lowest charge for its services in the industry. It has also been known to be very safe and trustworthy. In the Kraken App, the user can not just trade cryptocurrencies but can also trade between different fiat currencies.  After setting up your account you can easily “buy DOGE with cryptocurrencies like LTC and DASH”. However, if you want to use fiat currency, you have to give valid id proof to avoid fraudulence. This App is also for both Android and iOS. You can download Kraken from the App Store and Play Store.

4. Bittrex

The Bittrex website says that it gives the users “the most effective and reliable technologies to keep funds secure.” This App is for both Android as well as iOS, hence is available on the App Store as well as the play store. After the user has downloaded the App, they need to open an account and get it verified. There is an ‘Instant Buy & Sell’ option present. Once, the user’s account has been verified they can click on this option and start trading. You can download Bittrex from the App Store and Play Store.

5. OKEx

OKEx claims to be the largest and most diverse cryptocurrency App globally. First, upon download, the users need to create an account. After that, they can simply start buying dogecoins upon their wish. For buying, the users will have to select fiat currency and then select the payment method of their choice for example bank transfer, Visa, or MasterCard. Once the payment has been done, the cryptocurrency that you have purchased will be directly transferred to your OKEx account. You can download OKEx from the App Store and Play Store.