Instagram Now Made The Auto-Caption Feature Available In Stories

Instagram has brought forth a new feature. This is a captions sticker feature that will interpret the speech present in the videos. This will for now, be available in “English and English-speaking countries”. But it will soon be available in other countries and languages too. Instagram has also said that they will be testing this feature in Reels too.

This feature of captions was already present in IGTV and the Threads app however making them available in Stories and reels is going to make them better and will involve the audience more. This feature will be very fruitful to users who are deaf or hard of hearing, also for the ones who don’t watch the videos with sound. They might be at a place where they can’t turn on the volume; in that case, this feature will prove to be very useful.

On Instagram, one can change the style and color of the texts in stories. This feature applies to the captions too. Users can also edit the words one by one in case they don’t have the correct spelling or haven’t been deciphered properly. It’s very difficult to have good accuracy for auto-captions because different people have different accepts. As for now there aren’t features to highlight the text.

Recently many different services have made this feature available. Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams all have introduced the auto-captions feature. Google started its Live Caption feature throughout the Chrome browser in March.