Google Chrome Adds New Built-In Screenshot Tool And Editor

Google Chrome is the most popular website as of now, both for computers as well as mobile phones. Google has always added new and innovative tools to the Chrome browser to make it better. Now it has come up that Google is adding a built-in screenshot tool and an editor option in Google Chrome.

A built-in screenshot tool is present in the Vivaldi browser. This is a very useful tool as this lets the user take a screenshot of the webpage only eliminating the address bar and the other system elements. If you have to send the content of the screen only, then this is extremely useful as you do not have to crop the system elements separately.

This new screenshot option has been seen on version 91 of Google Chrome for Android. However, this captures the address bar too. This was noticed first by 9to5Google, as a part of the new sharing menu that was added to Google Chrome 85 last year. This new option is seen beside the ‘copy link, send to devices and print’ tools present on the share menu.

Along with this, an editor is also being introduced by Google. This editor will allow you to edit the screenshot that you have taken without leaving the app. Users do not need to close the app to crop or edit the screenshot they have just taken using this built-in tool.

There will be three options on the editor-Crop, Text, and Draw. They can use the draw tool to highlight certain areas of a screenshot. Cropping can be done using the crop tool and the text tool is used to add text to the screenshot. Two buttons-undo and redo will also be present. The ‘Next’ button will let you either save the screenshot or delete it.

To use this feature they need to turn on chrome://flags/#chrome-share-screenshot flag from the address bar and restart their browser. Also, Google Chrome 91 must be the version that the user is using.