Google Brings New Way To Call Its Virtual Assistant

Google already has a lot of ways by which you can call its virtual assistant. One of the ways is to simply say “OK Google”. Also, if you press the home button for a long time the virtual assistant will be awakened. Other ways include swiping in from the bottom corners of the home screen, in the case of some Pixel phones if you squeeze the sides of the phone, you can call the assistant.

Google is likely to bring in a feature wherein double-tapping the back navigation button will call the assistant with Android 12 along with a new power button feature.

On breaking down the latest version of the Google App, XDA Developers has disclosed some new strings in the APK. What can be known, from this is that now Google allows you to long-press the power button to call the assistant.

However, this isn’t something new. Many third-party OEMs like Samsung already give this feature on their phones. Thus, the fact that Google introducing this in its app is parity. For Android 11 phones, this new setting will be found under Apps and Notification settings, and for phones with Android 12, it will be found on the Apps section in the settings menu.