Colorful UI And New Settings Brought To Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been getting updates back to back for the past few months. The latest news to be heard is that Google Assistant will be getting a new settings menu which will be called ‘Your Apps’. This new setting will let the user choose from two options which allow the user to customize how Google Assistant communicates with every app. The ‘Your Apps’ option will be available in the settings list. Along with this, as per reports, Google will also be launching a new and colorful UI. The color is likely to change itself based on the kind of mode the user has kept the phone in-for example light mode or dark mode.

According to reports from 9to5Google, the new ‘Your Apps’ menu will allow the user to ‘manage how your Assistant works with installed apps.’ There are two options from which the user can make their choice. The first one is ‘Let your Assistant learn from this app.’ If the user selects this option, then the Assistant will go through the App and learn everything required from the App’s usage data history. This gives a more personalized feel. The next option is ‘Let your Assistant choose this app.’ Selecting this option lets the Assistant send a request to this App if the user asks permission from the app. This works even when you don’t mention the App’s name. By default both the options are enabled and the Apps that are present in the list include Chrome and Snapseed among others. This feature is to be launched in some days.

The news doesn’t end here. Matthew Pirszel has discovered that a colorful UI of Google Assistant has been made. He was successful in launching this UI on a Sony Xperia phone having Android 11 but he couldn’t do the same on a Pixel 4. It has been noticed that the color of the UI changes based on what mode the user has set the phone on i.e. dark theme or light theme. Pirszel feels that this is an extension to Android 12’s wallpaper-based “Monet” theming system. In that scheme, the color of the notification background and accent color for Quick Settings is changed as per the main color in the set wallpaper.