US Judge Claims Apple Sold Defective MacBooks

As per media reports, a US judge has passed a verdict saying that Apple deliberately sold MacBooks with defective displays to the customers.

According to a report of 9to5Mac on Thursday, a case had been filed over the defect in the stage light feature, of the MacBook Pro. In this feature the backlight takes up the form of a stage light at the bottom of the screen before failing.

Apple had brought the MacBook Pro redesign to the market in 2016.

US District Judge Edward Davila said, “The court finds that the allegations of pre-release testing in combination with the allegations of substantial customer complaints are sufficient to show that Apple had exclusive knowledge of the alleged defect.”

The issue was called “stage light” because this would show up in dark spots on the screen.

Apple had already put up a ‘Display Backlight Service Programme’ for this issue in the 13-inch model. However, in the case filed the accuser has said that the company “continued to sell 15-inch models that it knew were prone to this fault, without warning consumers.”

Along with this, in the case filed it has also been mentioned that Apple has taken down community posts that had complaints about this issue.

This is the second case about MacBooks. Previously in 2018, some MacBook users had filed a case against the company about the butterfly keyboards. They alleged that even tiny dust particles settled around the switches and hence this design was a fail. After this, Apple now launched the new MacBook Pro series which has the Magic Keyboard and this has been regarded as the best typing keyboard on a Mac notebook.